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Collecting Multiple Form Responses on One List

I'm collecting event details through a Microsoft Form and a List, and it's working well. The general format is that an applicant fills out the form with preliminary details, and these are populated in a List on a single row. Later, I'll send out a second form with final details that I want to collect on the same List. 


Is there a way to have these preliminary and final details populate on the same row automatically, if the event name entered (first column) is the same? If they are different, I'd want it to create a new row, in the event of spelling errors, etc. 


I attached a screenshot of the current flow. I understand how to get the second form responses to populate in the appropriate columns of the List, just not sure how to not have them appear as an entirely new row. 

Community Champion
Community Champion

@ag3333  create a flow that takes the response of second form, then add Get Items action to get data from the list with Filter Query EventName eq 'select value of event name from dynamic content of form'. If Get Item returns any record, that means the event is already added and you can use Update Item to update data from second form to the item returned by Get Items.

Anna Jhaveri

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Thank you very much, I'll give that a shot. 

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