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Delete message posted in teams channel by Flow

I created a flow to post a message in my department’s team channel to notify us whenever a new file is added to the SharePoint folder. 

I added two files as a test and it worked but now I cannot delete those two test messages that were posted by Power Automate, nor can the owner of the channel.


How do we delete these messages?

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At the company I previously worked for I could (manually) delete any messages created by Power Automate in Teams (channels). Currently I do not have that option anymore in my new company.

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Teams messaging policy. Needs delete messages turned on.

Is that a Power Automate specific policy? I am able to delete other messages in teams (at least my own ;))

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It’s teams messaging policy and you need to turn owners can delete sent messages on to see the setting in teams. I doubt that will solve your issue I’f it’s a bot.

Owners are able to delete their messages, it is only for the Flow Bot which it is unavailable. I have seen the feature request, but I find it strange as when I left my previous company (end of 2021) I was able to delete any Flow Bot created posts in channels. 

Somewhere it should be some setting as you can see below, my old colleague has the delete option for PA Bot messages.


Delete optionDelete option

I believe you are only able to delete your own messages. After lots of testing, the channel was filled with nonsense. I then logged into Teams using the service account that is responsible for the flows creating these messages. We use a dedicated account called power.automate to do the flows and I logged in with this account to delete all the messages. There are still some I cannot delete, these were posted by Microsoft's flow bot and I'm unable to remove these.

As you can see in my screenshot below you should be able to delete messages posted by PA Flow Bot user (as the delete option is there - this was in my old company). So it should be just some authorization or setting.

Your screenshot shows the deletion of a message that was posted by a flow. The step in the flow is posting a message "as the user" of the flow. This is the user able to delete the message in your screenshot. However, this user is still unable to delete the second message in your screenshot (with a date stamp of Yesterday 14:04) as this second message was "posted by" the Microsoft Flow bot. 

Sorry, you are correct about the approval, but ALSO the second message can be deleted (as I have done that myself and my old colleague (who made the screenshot) is also able to do). I will get a new screenshot. As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I was able to just delete the Flow Bot messages in my old company.


EDIT: new screenshot of second message / reply:


Delete of second messageDelete of second message

Oh interesting! I wish I can delete those! Good to know it is possible.

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Solution: Be a Global Admin... (maybe there's another option, but this worked for me). If you're not a global admin, it's time to make a new friend!


I just encountered this issue as well and found this post. Thank you to the person posting the image showing it was actually possible! Armed with this knowledge I decided to take out the bluntest of instruments: Global Admin... I'm lucky enough to be a global admin, but of course I use a different account for my day-to-day. This is why I couldn't see the delete option.


I just gave my non-global-admin-account global admin rights, refreshed Teams, and deleted the message. (Then I removed my global admin rights like a good little boy!)


Anyway, when in doubt, Global Admin it out...


Note: Teams Admin wouldn't cut it. The actual rights to delete someone elses post probably fall under Exchange or SharePoint.

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