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Helper I

Do until not working as intended.

I have an approval flow that updates a list when 1 person responds and then ends.  However, it is supposed to email everyone every 7 days until someone responds.  It seems to be doing the opposite.  It is not terminating when someone responds.  It is still running.



Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Set your approval type to "First to Respond" instead of "All must Reply" and check the Outcome, rather than Responses.  Responses is always a collection, Outcome is a string.  Also, the way its set up the loop in the parallel branch will always keep the flow open for at least 7 days before it completes since Do Until is always evaluated at the end of the loop.  Even after someone responds it will wait the 7 days until it checks whether it should send the reminder or exit.  To fix that replace your delay with an inner loop that has a one hour delay and a counter.  Have that loop run until the counter reaches 168 (7 days X  24 hours) or the approval condition is reached.  Then the reminder will only keep the approval open for a maximum of one hour after the approval completes.

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Response type is "first to respond".  Changed outcome to responses.  


I am not sure how add an inner loop, but I will work on that.


The person responded on the 1st day.  The approval flow did not check for a response and sent the email on the 7th anyway.  Will the inner loop fix that?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Penngineer ,


May you please check if you already configure time limit of Do until action? Actually Do until will have its own time limit. You may need change Do until limit as 7 Days or longer based on your requirements. For Do until limit you may check .



I am not sure what you mean.  This is what the Do Until looks like.



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Penngineer ,


I may suggest you change the Timeout part as PT7D or longer and test again. Timeout value would follow ISO 8601, so For how to configure Timeout value, you may check


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