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Email being sent to same user multiple times

Scope - When Case = Priority --> "Breakdown" --> send email to Users Associated to Case via Account Relationship


Tables Used: Case, Account, Account User Relationship, Users, Customer Asset


  • The Account table contains a custom table called "Account User Relationship" that is 1:N 
    • The Account User Relationship contains is a User lookup to the Account 

Goal: When a Case equals A Priority of "Breakdown" a flow should trigger an email to be sent to all Users Associated to the Case (Customer AKA Account) via the Account User Relationship Table


Problem: If a User is associated to multiple Accounts via the Account User Relationship table, When a Case status = "Breakdown", the User will receive the equal number of emails they are related to on the Accounts User Relationship 


(For Example, If User A is associated to 5 Accounts via the Account User Relationship, when 1 Case equals = Breakdown, User A will receive 5 emails pointing to the same Case record.) they should only receive 1 email for that 1 Case record associated to the 1 Account. What am I missing here? 





Here we Filter the List of  Account User Relationships through Fetchxml:

Filters: Where the Account User Relationship (Account  Contains Data) AND the (Case Priority equals a "Breakdown" value (4))



Here we Filter the List of Users through Fetchxml:


We capture the Record URL


From here we Apply to each ---based upon  values from the List of Users 

and send email to each. 

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

In the last step, before you do "Apply to Each" and send email ... 


Use Select function to get an array of emails - I will call this array as emailArray.


Now use union(outputs('emailArray'),outputs('emailArray')) expression to get an array of unique emails.

Finally, send an email to this array of unique emails.




Above screenshot is building flow, where emailArray has duplicate emails.

Bottom screenshot shows the result where outputArray has unique emails only.



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