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Helper II

Email being sent when new List item added



I have a flow to send an email from a list when a column is ammended.  This works well however when a new row is added on the list from a form which feeds the list my second flow is triggered to send an email even though it shouldnt be as the previuos row hasnt been amended. 


Firstly i hope this makes sense an secondly please help 🙂image001-1.png




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Also, I am assuming that you are choosing the "Date Offered Value" in the condition. Please confirm!

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Dual Super User II
Dual Super User II

Hi @Andythefirst 


Can you share more details? As I understand, you have a sharepoint list and a flow is triggered to send an email when an item is upated or created. Am I right? 





I only want the email to be sent when a specific column in a specific row of data is amended not when a completly new row is added.


i have tried changing this now to Yes in the condition and to email if yes but i now get told ActionBranchingConditionNotSatisfied?




Looked into the flow fail more and it is saying the Branching condition was not satisfied

@Andythefirst wrote:

Looked into the flow fail more and it is saying the Branching condition was not satisfied

You need to put something in the right side of the condition. Without a complete condition (meaning an entry on both sides of the condition), it will never be satisfied.

You'll also likely need to add some further logic to keep it from sending an email on creation. So you can add a second line to your condition and change it to an Or condition or keep it an And condition. Example:OrCondition.PNG

An example of how you can keep it from sending an email on new rows is to add a condition that says "is not equal" to null. You could also add a condition that is time based, so if created time is UTC Now or like UTC Now - 5 Minutes then it wouldn't send an email. Could also query modified time as well to insure that you are only sending on updates. 

The best way to accomplish this secondary logic depends on your dataset and how often it is updated and how many people may be changing it. Of the top of my head I can think of about 10 options for this. Work with what's best for you and your data.  

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Thanks for your help so far but I am still struggling.  It's my first time using flows so stil trying to get my head around it all


I have added the AND condition for modified by is not eqaul to UTC Now. But how do i make UTC Now - 5 minutes.


I expect to have about 10 people using the form and list daily upto maybe 20/30 times a day.


Also if i want nothing to happen if there is a no condition to satisfy the condition what do i put in No?


Thanks again


For the UTC now - 5 minutes use the expression : 

In the No branch don't add any actions and leave it as is if you do not want any action for that condition as no. 
Hope this Helps!



I'm afraid it is still not sending the email when date offered is changed to yes.


checked the flow again and says the problem is with the branching condition for send an email not being satisfied





please forgive my newbieness here cos i might be wrong by a million miles.


Could this be my problem?


When i look at my flow and it says successful when i click get item it says Date Offered Value - Yes and then date offered in code with ID as 0.


I thought maybe i need a 1 in id to trigger the email so went tu change the order of choice in my list to No on the first line and yes on the second line.


However i am now showing Date Offered Value as No even though it is Yes on the list and my ID is still 0.


I have attached some pictures so I hopefully make more sense







so clearly this made no difference so i am at a complete loss. 


I just dont understand why the email isn't sending.  I look at the parameters and believe it should be.

Has the Date Offered box in the list been edited to say yes from the dropdown.

Was the row created inside the last 5 mins. - No

Then i think the email should be sent but it says branching not satisfied.


Any more help would be greatly appreciated as i dont know what to do now


@Andythefirst can you share a screenshot of the condition from the flow and the screenshot fo the error that you got. 



HI @yashag2255 


Please see screenshots below


Can you Initialise a variable between the get item and condition? In the varaible type any name, select the strig format and in the value put the "Date off.." of your sharepoint column. Run the flow and please share a screenshot of what data is coming inside the variable. 



Hi @yashag2255 ,


This is what I am getting now. I think i did it correctly



Hey @Andythefirst  You are getting "Yes" in teh variable and in the condition you are comparing "yes" please make this change and test it out.

sorry, i am being thick as.


what change do i need to make? 

Hey @Andythefirst No Problem!


In the condition where you are comparing "Date off..", change "yes" to "Yes" in the first condition 

Hi @yashag2255 


unfortunatly it's still not worked 😞

Hey @Andythefirst Can you please post the error screenshot? What response are you getting now? This condition has been rectified. I think we will have to work on the second condition. Can you share detaills on what your second condition is? also in the initialise variable that you did last time to get the variable, can you change the value of the variable now and get the one which you are using in the second condition and share a screenshot of the data you are getting in that?





This was what i got last time.




The second condition i put in was based on when a new row was added to the list it was triggering the flow and sending an email even when Date offered was still blank or saying No.


The idea for this one is if it was created in the last 5 mins dont send the email. But it might not be right as now no emails are being sent at all.



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