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Helper II

Email being sent when new List item added



I have a flow to send an email from a list when a column is ammended.  This works well however when a new row is added on the list from a form which feeds the list my second flow is triggered to send an email even though it shouldnt be as the previuos row hasnt been amended. 


Firstly i hope this makes sense an secondly please help 🙂image001-1.png





The way we are comparing the date and time is not correct. So basically what is the trigger you are using in the flow? 


This is the right way to use the comparision when comparing the dates: 


And I am guessing you want to compare the created date and check if it was "NOT" created 5 minutes ago, for that use the not equal to in the condition. 

In the left side use the expression editor and type ticks(). after typing this, within the brackets select the "Created" column from the dynamic content selector. 

For the right side, use the expresssion: 


Hope this Helps!



its still not worked and the screenshot is the same as last time.


If we scratch completly what i have done how would you do it? I am more than happy to change it all if it makes it work.


Thanks @yashag2255 

Hi @Andythefirst , We will not have to change the entire thing but let us give another try. So as I understand you want to send the email when that option is selected as yes and the item was not created 5 minutes ago right?



yes please. 


Really i just want the email to be sent when Date offered changes in the list from no to yes.


At the moment when they fill in the form they select No 99% of the time.  I added the time thing on because previously i had it blank and yes and when it was blank if a new job row was added it sent the email even though nothing had changed.



Hey @Andythefirst , 


Can you try by changing the condition of the Created row (the second condition) to less than or equal to?


It should work then. 


Also, if you just wnat to trigger when it is yes then you can remove the second condition. It will work only when they have selected "Yes". earlier it was not working maybe beause we were using the wrong value. 


Hope this helps!

I only have Date Offered Value. Does that matter?



@Andythefirst Yes. This is correct. Can you run and check if it working as you want it to?

Still no email i'm afraid.  Is it because the expression result is false?



@Andythefirst Yes. Did you change the Date Off.. to Yes in the sharepoint list? Can you post the screenshot of the entire flow (barring all the sensitive information)? I want to have a look at the end to end process. 

Hi @yashag2255,


i did change the list to Yes.  Here is the flow in full (sorry for the scruffy hiding of the info 🙂 )



Hey @Andythefirst can you go to the sharepoint column "Date Offered Value" and check what is the datatype of that column?


Also, can you please modify the condition and put "true" in the place of "Yes" and test it (in the flow)

I created a new column in my SP list. and the column datatype is choice. I put Yes or No over there and created this flow:


I then modified the item in sharepoint list to Yes and the flow worked. You can remove the get item action from your flow and just keep the condition and add the email in your Yes branch. Based on the column datatype and evrything this works perfectly. 

Hi @yashag2255 


The list looks like this 



The SP area shows the box as Yes




But I still have this 😞




Really appreciate the help i know this must be incredibly frustrating


So once you complete the flow and set it to run, what do you do next? did you try changing or creating a new item in sharepoint and see the results?



Also, I am assuming that you are choosing the "Date Offered Value" in the condition. Please confirm!

i wasnt, let me change and test. sorry

Brilliant, thats sorted it.


Thanks very much for all your help @yashag2255 


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