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Error from Parse JSON step when Updating Flow

I'm trying to use the "Parse JSON" step to get the value of a key in a JSON object. An example content and schema are below:


Content: {"MyKey": 2}

Schema (generated using 


 No matter what content and schema I actually use, when I press the "Update Flow" button I get the following error:


The request content was invalid and could not be deserialized: 'Error converting value "ParseJson" to type 'System.Nullable`1[Microsoft.Azure.Flow.Templates.Schema.FlowTemplateOperationType]'. Path 'properties.definition.actions.Parse_JSON.type', line 1, position 636.'.
If I create a step after the Parse JSON step, I am able to see and use the "MyKey" output from the Parse JSON step. However, I still can't save the Flow.


Does anyone know how to successfully parse JSON and/or why this error is occurring?

New Member

I now believe this is a bug in Flow's implementation of the Parse JSON action, because I was able to successfully use the Parse JSON action using Logic Apps.


I used an "Execute stored procedure" action to get the JSON, then used the "Body" dynamic value from that as the Content in the Parse JSON action. Here were the inputs for the Parse JSON action using Logic Apps:


Content (the "Body" dynamic output from the stored procedure):
"OutputParameters": {
"Output": -1
"ReturnCode": 0,
"ResultSets": {}




I was able to save and run my Logic App using this and was able to use a Compose action to get the "-1" output value.


Can someone please look into the error message in the previous post and see if this is indeed a bug in Flow? Can anyone provide a working example of the Parse JSON action in Flow to prove otherwise?

Hi Maxica,


You're correct - this is a Flow bug. The problem isn't actually in parsing the json - it's in recognizing that json parser action even exists. This is a new connector that just lit up.


I believe our next deployment should fix the issue, but I'll double check that that's the case and report back with my findings here. This should roll out by the end of next week.





Frequent Visitor

Any update on this yet?

Power Automate
Power Automate

Hi Sam/Maxica,


The change that indirectly fixed this bug was unfortunately delayed by a week because it caused other breaks. These have now been fixed.


I've validated in our test environments that the Parse JSON action is now usable. The next train out (deployed by end of next week barring unforeseen issues) will have this fixed.


Sorry about the delay!





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Great - thanks for the update Mark.

Frequent Visitor

Woop, thanks: this is now working properly and being able to build the schema from some sample JSON output makes it very simple to configure.


Good job team.

Hi Mark,

did the bug re-appear? I'm getting the very same error while parsing the output of a "Get blob content using path" action.




Helper IV
Helper IV



Is this error fixed.

I'm only facing this issue with couple of items not for all.

Not, sure how to fix when issue is with few items in the list.


Any ideas would help.




Could you please let me know the version of sharepoint in which it was working. I am having same issue.

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