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Excel (Business) "Access Token is Empty"

Excel is not letting me add a row to a table. This was working just fine last week, now it seems I don't have authorization. I am logged in to Flow, Excel, and Powerapps. I have edit permissions to the Excel file. I included a screenshot of the error details below. Thanks for your help!




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I’m still getting the same ‘unauthorized’ error when running the Flow on an Excel file saved in a SharePoint document library. The get table action above it runs successfully on the same file.
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Im still getting this error for 6 days now almost every other morning. Apparently this hasn't been fully adressed yet. My only solution is to delete the connection with excel like previously stated and delete the block aswell. Which is a huge timeconsuming pain to do over and over again.

Hello again!


To everyone facing this issue, as @sidmit said, they're still working on it so some times it appears to be fixed, sometimes it just lets you down. Workarounds seems to work sometimes and there are times where it will ignore and make pointless the hard work.


On my humble opinion, messing with the recreation of the non working flows right now, shouldn't be the best option. I thought I just had to do it once because they fixed it and the connection may be corrupted, but now it is clear this is not the scenario we're facing right now.


I'm really concerned if today it will work, and how slow MS is addressing this issue. Knowing that Flow, can be deployed as a strong system allowing you to communicate and establish relationships between different Office365 applications.


I'm still waiting for MS Product's Team update... Smiley Frustrated



Alex Torregrosa

Thanks @Infojic-BCN, (Alex) for the updates. 

UNfortunatlly, I still have the problems... I try create a new connexion but still not working. 


For infos, for 2diffrents flow during the week (I wasn't there to make any changes) my automatics flows work : 3 times for 7 days for one, 

2 times for 7 days for an other one (not on the sames days) and  teh folder are located in the same place... 

I really have no clues why sometimes it's working and sometimes not (and I can't do anything about it). 

I hope we can have a solution soon...

Helper I
Helper I

I had this problem starting last week.  One of the flows that wasn't working at all on Friday seems to be working this morning, although as a previous reply pointed out, resubmitting past flows still fails.


Unfortunately, my most complex (and critical) flow still is getting the "Access token is empty"  error this morning.  I'm going to try deleting and restoring the connection as mentioned above - but Microsoft really needs to let us know what is going on.



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My Flows that write to Excel worksheets in SPO Document libraries are still failing as well. Tried rebuilding my Flows, tried redoing my connections, still nothing.


Hoping MS fixes this soon. 

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Anybody else?

Mine are as well.


Sure would be nice to know what happened, and get assurance it won't happen again.

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Mine was working this morning, went to lunch, then getting the unauthorized error. This makes me nervous to use as we want to write onboarding information this way. Hopefully they make this stable again soon.

I had one Access token empty  failure a few minutes ago in one Flow, but the other (and more important) flow is still working (knock on wood)


Agree on being nervous about the Excel connection and eager to get communication from Microsoft about this issue

Since there isnt a statement from microsoft i guess that this is just a temporary fix until they dealt with the real issue. Mine are working 99% of the time which is 99% percent higher than last week. Im happy it got back to working again.

Hello there!


I'm back, this week's been a nightmare for me. Flows were working erratically and without any pattern I could guess.


But well, I'm here with the most tedious workaround I could ever think:


So for me, right now, flows are working fine and wrong at times, so I just said, "ok, there's something I can use to -retry till correct- thing?": The answer, "No", not implemented yet on flow, but if you love some manual workaround, you can still do a "retry till correct" as long as you create them one per one. The more retries the more time wasted.


Here's an example of two following flows executed:




















































(If "add a row" is not your last action in the flow, just add a commutator for doing two actions, one doing this and the other one following the old path)


Weird it is when they are exactly the same action tho they can actually trigger fine after failing twice before.


Well anyway, still waiting for MS Flow Team to fix this as soon as possible.


Good luck!



Alex Torregrosa


I think (I hope this message doesn't give me bad luck) everythinh with the connector is fine now. 

For two weeks I have no errors on my flows so I'm happy and I hope it will still be like that ! 

Thanks to all whom support this problem ! 

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