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Excel (Business) "Access Token is Empty"

Excel is not letting me add a row to a table. This was working just fine last week, now it seems I don't have authorization. I am logged in to Flow, Excel, and Powerapps. I have edit permissions to the Excel file. I included a screenshot of the error details below. Thanks for your help!




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


Thanks for feedback. I can reproduce this issue on my side with the same error message.


I will help report this issue on my side and back to you once I got any updates.



Best regards,

Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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I have exactly the same error. 


I check my connexion to Excel Business online and it's connect, also I have some other flow that work the same with à different excel but in the same file ans theys work fine every days so I really don't understand what goes wrong  just now on with this one... 


I hope you're update for this error will be soon... 

Frequent Visitor

I'm also running into this issue. Crossing my fingers that it can be fixed very soon Smiley Happy

Frequent Visitor



I'm having this problem as well since Wednesday. @v-yamao-msft I'm contacting both Microsoft General Support and Flow's Team Support to track and solve this problem.


I'll try to post updates, @Anonymous, @beach_fossil and @Anonymous, from whatever information I can get from the Support Team but this will be on Monday. I'm sure they won't contact me by this time.


This flow allowed the workers to do a task around 3 / 4 times faster so it's a huge issue for me.


I hope its not your case.




Alex Torregrosa Romero

Also having the same issue.


Start time
Aug 10, 2:06 PM (2 min ago)
Action 'Add a row into a table 2' failed
Error Details
Access token is empty. clientRequestId: 
New Member

I am having this same issue. I started trying to use zapier but zapier gave me an error so i thought i would try out ms flow but no luck here works in google sheets....

Actually, for me, it looks like running on an excel in the root folder of my onedrive was an issue moving it to my documents folder fixed the issue

Frequent Visitor

Hello @LevoHealth,


My issue is with SharePoint Online and not with OneDrive, so this isn't my case.


I'll try to workaround this problem but, from MS Flow Team Support, said that they could not find the problem so they were contacting with product team to look into the issue.


I can tell thought that the problem seems like the system is not able to retrieve the token and so executing API REST functions it says "Access token is empty" and so you're not allowed to execute anything.


Well, time will tell us, I hope sooner rather than later.



Alex Torregrosa

Frequent Visitor



Next is part of an email from MS Flow Team:


I am communicating with product team on this issue.

As per the team update, API hubs connection status says "Connected" so it seems like an issue with the excel connector in validating the token and we are working to get it fixed. 

Will keep you post on update.

They got the bug tracked at least, I hope they can solve it today.


Good luck!



Alex Torregrosa

Frequent Visitor

Hello there!


I've got the issue fixed ( yey! Smiley Very Happy) but I'm still waiting with Flow's Support Team to get an update from Product's Team.


Please, @Anonymous, @Anonymous, @beach_fossil and @KeithNJ, can you confirm to me that you got the issue fixed as well?


@v-yamao-msft, we've got nothing from you since Tuesday, are you ok?


That's all from me.


Best whishes,

Alex Torregrosa

Hey Alex,


 I still get the "Access token is empty" message whenever I try to add a new row into Excel Online.


Did you do something on your Flow?




Frequent Visitor

Hello @x-spd-gallego,


It failed for me as well, but:


As the problem was related with "Estabish connection" and "Check if user is valid" topics, you should give a try on deleting the connection and creating it again.


For that, just go to Flow's website and do the following:


Settings (Gear icon) > Connections > (email address) Excel Online (Business) > "..." > Remove / Delete


Then go to the specific flow and you should be able to see the Excel Online (Business) with an alert, it will ask you to create a new connection for fixing the issue:


















(Sorry for the Spanish text), just click on "+ Add new connection" to recreate the connection.


Even though, as I said before, I didn't received any email back about the fix, so it might be temporary.


Please let me know if it doesn't work, so I can push the issue again to the Flow's Support Team.



Alex Torregrosa

I have tried this a few times and still get the same 'unauthorized' message.  

Hi there @KeithNJ!


I'm sorry to hear that, I'll message them inmediatly.


I've asked feedback from Product Team (which I'm communicating through Flow's Support Team) and see what they tell me.


I'll post as soon as I get any information, or on Thrusday if they don't answer me back.



Alex Torregrosa

Hi Alex,


 Thanks for your response.


 I've done it step-by-step and still got the error:







Hello everyone,


 just a heads up: things are working for me now. Haven't done anything, so it seems the Microsoft Team got it fixed.




Any update on this? One flow broke for me and I removed/re-added the Excel connection and now none of my flows are working that rely on that connection. Any other ideas for a workaround or timing for a proper fix from Microsoft? 

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This worked for me. 

Just kept messing with the flow and selecting alternate connection for the Excel (Online) and it eventually prompted me right inside the flow.

Error I was getting.

Access token is empty. clientRequestId: fc9fddc2-2131-4d8c-a025-1f7a37523304



Update from me: I'm now only getting the error if I manully run the flows now (e.g., resubmit a previous flow). Flows that run automatically seem to be ok with the Excel Online connection. I have a ticket open with Microsoft and will follow-up with what I learn. 

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