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Execute Bulk Create record in Dynamics 365 using Power Automate

Hi There,


Hope you are all well!


I am new to Power Automate.


And want to know is there any way to create bulk records with a single create request in Dynamics 365 using Power Automate.


For example, I want to create 10 Contact records at once with a single create request using Power Automate.


Any help will be appreciated.



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Hi @Emma_Al 

I think what you're trying to do should be possible. I'm going to make an assumption that the number of contacts is variable, but that the required contact data is coming from some source that can be interrogated by Power Automate. If that is the case, it will 'simply' be a process of triggering the flow from the input, using the List Row dataverse/excel function to bring back you new contacts and then doing an Apply to Each to Create the new record.


Happy to provide some examples if you can explain where your contact data is starting from.


Hope that helps





Thank you for the reply!

I am not creating contacts. It's just an example.


I just want to know is there any way to create bulk records in CRM with a single create request using Power Automate.


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Hi @Emma_Al 

In that case the answer is 'yes' as long as you can adequately format your source data. 






Hi @Anonymous


Can you please elaborate ?

E.g. Which action should I use?

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Hi @Emma_Al it all depends on the format of your source data and where you want to trigger from. A manual trigger can be put in most places, or scheduled if you're getting regular input. Once you've triggered the flow, the next step is to bring in and if necessary format your data (list rows for example) to show the records you want to create. The action to create is then the dataverse 'add a new row' action. 


If you can give examples of your data source and target I can show examples.



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