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Im using a high frequency flow that I want to execute on demand.

I see that the flow frequency on Plan 1 is 3 minutes vs Plan 2 is 1 minute. 

Im running a flow with an Flobot in Teams that posts an Adaptive card with some information.


- Trigger: Enter search trigger search Term in a Teams Message = [Covid 19]

- Action: If Body Text to Teams =  [Covid 19] then post Adaptive Card with CDC Info


This flow could be run multiple times simultaneously across our organization.

The flow runs perfectly, I just need it to run on demand.


After the first flow is run, would the next person executing the flow have to wait upto 3 minutes before the flobot would work?

What would be the solution to execute the flow on demand for this flow or other high frequency flows. I mean frequent than even 1 minute apart. In this day of instant info, this is an enternity.


Thank you for the help.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @wookash ,


I am not sure if understand correctly, but you are talking about the an instant flow every time you start it will run on-demand, you dont need to wait 1 or 3 minutes. 


For example this instant flow to send an email notification, I ran 5 times in a row and I got 5 emails on the same minute, if I keep running it it will run as expected.

email flow.png


Now if you want to have it running automatically, you can use the schedule flow option, and set it to run every second if you want to.Schedule flow.png


If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.


Appreciate that response. Unfortunately, this isn’t happening. The first flow run takes 1min to post the adaptive card to Teams. Immediately placing trigger text in the message body takes another 3 mins for the flow to execute and post. As stated the flow runs just fine without errors, just very long. 

Hi @wookash ,


What do you see as recurrence interval frequency if you select the "Peek Code" option?




Im not seeing the interval condition inside PEEK CODE

So here is the flow execution. Its telling me the branching condition is not met, yet it executes as if the condition IS met.

Here is the what is happening. I typed trigger text COVID 19 and it should execute a message with Adaptive Card, and this eventually occurs.

Delayed Posting.png


The Flow runs successfully, but stating "CONDITION NOT MET" but clearly condition was met.


Adaptive Card Condition Not Met.png


Message Body Content contains one of the branching conditions

Condition Met.png



Hi @wookash ,


So, if I understood correctly you are using an automated flow and not an instant or schedule flow and the issue is not with the frequency that is running but instead with the mismatch criteria result, is that right?

FIRST: Yes its an automated flow execute on demand by the user

SECOND: Yes to both. The problem originally, and currently, is about the flow time to execute and frequency. I discovered the mismatch after digging into the "successful" flow runs. Even though the trigger text matches the condition to post the adaptive card, then flow runs say that its been "cancelled." Yet, the flow still executes as if the condition was MET.

Hi @wookash 


I still didn't have the chance to test on my end, I will try to do once I have time. Perhaps if you are still having this issue a support request would be needed.

Hi @wookash ,


I was wondering if you had the chance to opened a support request to have this investigated by the PowerAutomate support team?

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