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Filtering Sharpoint List Data using ODATA

Hi All,


I'm trying to get a value from a Sharepoint List and looking to filter down the data set using ODATA filters.

This does'nt seem to be as intuitive as the rest of the flow structure.


I'm getting an error stating the expression is not valid. I can only presume that my query ont he column name is wrong as the data value i'm testing for is correct.


Can anyone help?



{ "Pragma": "no-cache", "x-ms-request-id": "f3c67e80-745d-4555-a956-23b76cdc2749", "Cache-Control": "no-cache", "Date": "Thu, 13 Apr 2017 16:17:25 GMT", "Set-Cookie": "ARRAffinity=6f87b92787b7f3b45b17b2f525a670883ff8d34bcd24b2d0eecfa033b8e3e94f;Path=/;Domain=", "Server": "Microsoft-IIS/8.0,Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0", "X-AspNet-Version": "4.0.30319", "X-Powered-By": "ASP.NET", "Content-Length": "369", "Content-Type": "application/json; charset=utf-8", "Expires": "-1" }
Body:{ "status": 400, "message": "The expression \"Employee Eq Ben Daneliuk\" is not valid.", "source": "<siteURL>_api/SP.APIHubConnector.GetListItems(listName='37197a96-dbd6-4a03-923a-2b418ff43cad',queryOptions='%2524filter%3dEmployee%25C2%25A0Eq%2520Ben%2520Daneliuk')", "errors": [ "-1", "Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.InvalidClientQueryException" ] }

List Settings.pngFlow Error.png


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @BenDaneliuk,


Would it be available to filter the SharePoint lists with Condition under Microsoft Flow?

Add a condition to a flow


Currently OData filters are not implemented yet by all connectors.

See the response from SameerCh in the following thread:

ODATA Filters - are these implemented yet?



But the filter query works for SharePoint lists.


Currentlly the Filter Query under the Action Act as the 

$filter in OData Query,

The Order By act as the:


There is no $select query implemented under the Action.

So if you would like to return special fields from the SharePoint list (See OData reference for SharePoint REST query), you may consider submit this as an idea, to add the $Select as an available Query under the Get Items Action.






Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
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Thanks Michael,


Was hoping to keep the control all within flow rather than drop out into SP designer to develop the REST commands.

Understand the ODATA filters aren't working for all connectors. Thanks to the info.


I'll have a dabble with the conditions,  but may have to bite the bullet and use the SP designer to create this work flow.





Curious if you have gotten this to work.  I have tried every permutation imaginable and have not been able to get this to work


Field Name eq 2 Part Value

Field Name eq 2%20Part%20Value

Field Name eq "2%20Part%20Value"

Field Name eq '2%20Part%20Value'

Field Name eq "2 Part Value"

Field Name eq '2 Part Value'

Field_x0020__Name eq 2 Part Value

Field_x0020__Name eq "2 Part Value"

Field_x0020__Name eq '2 Part Value'

Field_x0020__Name eq 2%20Part%20Value

Field_x0020__Name eq "2%20Part%20Value"

Field_x0020__Name eq '2%20Part%20Value'


Every single one has been tried, none of them work, so do Odata filters really work?

Hi @WiggityZwiggity,


Yes, it works.

Please add a condition, put the corresponding field dynamic content into the first Input Box, then click advanced mode, then you should be able to find the proper field identifier:


The field name here is Testing Text, while the workable column field is marked as 'haiz'

So if we would like to take use of this column to filter query, the formula should be:


haiz eq 'TextValue'


For the value part, it is the actual text, no need to replace the Space with other charactor.




Community Support Team _ Michael Shao
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Hi @BenDaneliuk and @WiggityZwiggity


I use in most of my flows the GetItens action in SharePoint and this realy works!


Somethimes i and my team wrong the rest filter and the solution for us if before put in flow test in browser using the following url

https://SHAREPOINT SITE URL/_api/web/lists/getByTitle('LIST NAME')/items?$filter=FILTER


if the result in browser is ok, tou can put the FILTER inside the field in MSFlow and see the magic 🙂


A MSDN page can help you if u need about using rest in SharePoint




Gustavo Moraes

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Gustavo Moraes, o astronauta brasileiro do Flow!

how to compare persons or group fields in OData Query.  i am getting the error as below.


  "message""The expression \"DelegationFrom eq i:0#.f|membership|\" is not valid.\r\nclientRequestId: 638efdb5-b91a-4009-8cfd-20a0c3beec48\r\nserviceRequestId: 6127959e-d0b6-0000-128e-3c5f386ffa78"


Am Facing the same issue.

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

It was working before

"status": 400,
"message": "The expression \"ID eq\" is not valid.\r\nclientRequestId: f5922589-d2dc-4165-8438-e8c47865e1bc\r\nserviceRequestId: f5922589-d2dc-4165-8438-e8c47865e1bc"

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