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Flow Checker 502 On Trigger

I have a simple flow, with the trigger "When an item is created or modified". 

My flow updates the item, sets a flag to prevent an infinite update loop and updates permissions to protect sensitive information and allow access to appropriate support services.


After running a total of 13 times successfully, flow checker marks flags my flow has an Error, and my flow no longer triggers at all. I am aware that error 500 or 502 indicates a temporary error, but this has been occurring now for more than 24 hours, with significant business impact.




Creating a flow that uses a manual trigger with the same actions is fine, and this is the work around the business has gone with short term. Although when this is a list that has 100's of submissions a day and requires very locked down permissions to protect sensitive information, manually triggering the flow is not a good solution and cannot be sustained. 


I have also created numerous test flows that have much simpler functionality, and after running successfully a handful of times, they all get flagged with the same issue by the flow checker. 

EDIT: This has been occurring consistently from 16 Feb 11:05AM (latest failure was 18th Feb 3:34PM)

Super User
Super User

@generic_name  are you using a trigger condition to avoid flow infinite loop? 

Anna Jhaveri

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Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hi @generic_name ,


Have you removed any columns from your list view but not removed from sharepoint action ? Based on error you are receiving this could be one of reason . Please check this. If this does not work I would suggest try changing your environment and see if it works on different environment. 



New Member

Hi all, thanks for the replies

@annajhaveri I have one flow with a trigger condition as below,


and a duplicate of that flow that uses an if condition to exit early, rather than a trigger.


Both of these flows have the same error. This field definitely exists and contains data.

@anupam8555 there have been no changes to the list structure for weeks, the failures started 2 days ago, so I am certain this is not related to structure. Unfortunately I only have the one environment to use. 


Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hi @generic_name ,


Is it possible for you to post your structure of list vs raw input in the flow at 14th position where your flow is flagged with error ? 




Hi @anupam8555 


I have cleaned out any identifying info (and collapsed all objects) from the output data when the list was last triggered. 


"body": {
	"@odata.etag": "\"1\"",
	"ItemInternalId": "939",
	"ID": 939,
	"Title": "CLEANED",
	"PlanCreationDate": "2021-02-16",
	"PlanCreatedBy": {},
	"PlanCreatedBy#Claims": "i:0#.f|membership|CLEANED",
	"StudentFirstName": "CLEANED",
	"StudentLastName": "CLEANED",
	"StudentID": "XXXXXXXXXX",
	"School": "CLEANED",
	"StudentDOB": "2000-01-01",
	"StudentYearLevel": {},
	"StudentYearLevel#Id": 9,
	"Consulted": [],
	"Consulted@odata.type": "#Collection(Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference)",
	"Consulted#Id": [],
	"Consulted#Id@odata.type": "#Collection(Int64)",
	"Created": "2021-02-16T04:04:11Z",
	"Author": {
	"Author#Claims": "i:0#.f|membership|CLEANED",
	"StudentOptions": [{}],
	"StudentOptions@odata.type": "#Collection(Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference)",
	"StudentOptions#Id": [2],
	"StudentOptions#Id@odata.type": "#Collection(Int64)",
	"StartFlow": "Yes",
	"Modified": "2021-02-16T04:04:11Z",
	"Editor": {},
	"Editor#Claims": "i:0#.f|membership|CLEANED",
	"{Identifier}": "Lists%252fCLEANED%252f939_.000",
	"{IsFolder}": false,
	"{Thumbnail}": {
		"Large": null,
		"Medium": null,
		"Small": null
	"{Link}": "CLEANED",
	"{Name}": "CLEANED",
	"{FilenameWithExtension}": "CLEANED",
	"{Path}": "Lists/CLEANED/",
	"{FullPath}": "Lists/CLEANED/939_.000",
	"{HasAttachments}": false,
	"{VersionNumber}": "1.0"


I currently have an open ticket with microsoft regarding this issue. After trying a few of the 'temporary fixes' recommended by them, creating a new identical flow using the 'Save As' option results in a working flow. It is still unclear what is causing the initial issue. 





We have the same problem: 502 Bad Gateway. Do you still have it ?



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