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Flow Failing at Export To File for Paginated Reports

Hi @CST ,


All our flows are failing from this morning at this  Export To File for Paginated Reports  step. Are there any changes Microsoft rolled since yesterday night ?  Everything was working until last night. The error message return is added below for your reference.  Can someone please check and update what needs to be done?


"body": {
"error": {
"code": "InvalidRequest",
"message": "Only an admin of every workspace containing a dataset used in this report can export paginated reports with an effective identity"



Anil Kumar

New Member

 We are having the same issue this morning.

New Member

Same Here. Issue since morning

Regular Visitor

Same here. If anyone has a workaround, requesting to please post here

New Member

As a Power BI admin for my company, this worked fine with workspace member access. Microsoft needs to allow member access since we don't provide admin access for our users to workspaces.

Helper I
Helper I

The same issue for me this morning.

Regular Visitor

I'm getting a different error that might be related.  When using "Export to File For Paginated Reports", I'm getting this error that started today after no issues for months.


New Member

I too have the same issue since yesterday.

New Member

Same issue here, I am a member of the workspace without admin access.

Frequent Visitor

Happening to us as well. 

Frequent Visitor

Many people at my company are also having the same issue.  Is there a resolution yet? 

Regular Visitor

I've been having this same exact issue - in trouble shooting I've uncovered a large array of confusing results.
Can anyone provide enlightenment?  (perhaps Microsoft)

1.   The error is inconsistent. 

The flow is occasionally still successful even if the user does not have admin privileges to the workspace. 
I have tested and confirmed this.   


2.   It's not recognizing the security setting of an AD group. 

I use an AD security group for all permissions.   When I switch this group from member to admin - it still generates the admin error.  The only way around this is to individually add the effected users to the workspace as admin.  

3. When I remove the added admin user after a successful test - all future tests for that user also run successfully without them being designated as an admin member.     (the security group is still set to admin).  

Any thoughts?   No idea what any of that means... but hopefully it's helpful.  

Frequent Visitor

We were able to sort ours out. 


This issue was only impacting *one* of our reports. 


The report in question had an extra data source that was not being used in the report. The source was a PowerBI dataset that was not within our premium workspace. The report worked for the Admin (Owner) for that Dataset. However, it was not accessible for those within the group - Permissions: Member (Owner).


We removed the data source from the report and the issue was resolved. Not sure if this is helpful for anyone else.

Frequent Visitor

we are having the same problem, started 2 days ago on 1/26/22.. First the error message said "Only an admin of every workspace can export paginated reports with an effective identity" ... Then yesterday 1/27/22 and today 1/28/22 the error message simply says "BadGateway" error 502.. Please advice!!!

  "Strict-Transport-Security""max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains",
  "Cache-Control""no-store, must-revalidate, no-cache",
  "Date""Fri, 28 Jan 2022 14:22:53 GMT",
New Member

We had same issue.


Set account to have Admin permissions in the relevant Power BI workspace for dataset only which resolved.


Hoping this is a temporary issue...

New Member

I got exactly same problem 😞


It's really strange because I try to rebuild a new dataset base on same data and it's still bugging but with other dataset located into the same workspace it works... ?!


I really don't understand.  I hope we will get feedback from MicroSoft asap...


Thanks for any advice or suggestion.

Helper I
Helper I

My flow failed on 26-Jan. Microsoft has updated the below document on 28-Jan.

Can somebody read it and let us know if "Authentication" section has some relationship to this issue.




New Member

have anyone found way to fix it ?

also having the same issue 

New Member

Same problem! It worked fine till 28th Jan and since 29th Jan it started failing with the following error:

Only an admin of every workspace containing a dataset used in this report can export paginated reports with an effective identity.


I am the member of the workspace. I suppos the issue will fix if the access is changed but why is suddenly changed by Microsoft ?

New Member

I am admin at workspace and still don't work. 

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