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Flow, SharePoint list and Forms - Repeat or no entry

I have created a new Flow which uses data input via a MS Form to update a SharePoint list. I used the below website as a guide. This Flow is then to form part of a larger approval process but I am encountering some issues. 


If I use the preview feature in Forms to submit a test Form and test the Flow, it appears to work. The Flow states that it ran successfully and the list is updated in SharePoint, however, it seems to just repeat whatever data I entered in the first Form I submitted. For example, if I run this test several times, inputting different values in the form each time, it produces 3 identical rows in the SharePoint list rather than 3 unique rows. 


Alternatively, if I share the Form via email and then input the data, again Flow says it has run successfully and a new row is created in the SharePoint list but all fields are blank, with Flow reporting the values as 'null' now.


I have tried rebuilding both the SharePoint list and Flow several times as I thought this might be some sort of glitch but is still now working. Could you please advise what I am doing wrong?

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Re: Flow, SharePoint list and Forms - Repeat or no entry

Hi @Artizeng, to help identify what is going wrong it would be useful if you could post a screenshot of the steps in your flow.

Los Gallardos

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Re: Flow, SharePoint list and Forms - Repeat or no entry

Hello @RobElliott Please see below for screenshots of my flow.


I would be interested to hear your opinion on the "Response ID" in the second step "Get Response Details". Should this be a calculated value that automatically increases with each new form that is submitted? see below



Flow 1.JPG


Detailed Steps:

Flow 2.JPG



If I select "list of response notifications Response Id" in the "Get Response Details" step the flow does not work.  I get the below error message.


Change 'response id':

Flow 3.JPG

Updated response ID:

Flow 4.JPG


Error Message:

Flow 5.JPG



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Re: Flow, SharePoint list and Forms - Repeat or no entry

In your Response Id you can't type in a value like 001. You must only select the "List of response notifications Response Id" from the dynamic content. That way it gets the right response that was submitted.

In your Create item you've got an error somewhere because the error is referencing a field called submitDate. I can't see that anywhere but you would normally use the SharePoint Created column for this which is a date time column.

Los Gallardos

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Re: Flow, SharePoint list and Forms - Repeat or no entry

Hi @RobElliott , thanks for your response and help. I suspected the issue was with the non-dynamic Response Id but I was following the below guide. Also, when I do use the "List of response notifications Response Id" the last step does not work.


Once I change the field in the 2nd step to use the "list of response notifications Response ID" I lose access to any dynamic content in the 3rd section where I try to create a Sharepoint item using dynamic fields for the MS form.


For example, if I follow the above website/guide and use 001 in the 2nd section I can complete the 3rd section as expected and create SharePoint item sing the MS Form dynamic content but it doesn't work properly, hence my original post.


If I then edit my flow and change the 2nd section to use "list of response notifications Response ID" (as you suggested) the 2nd section seems to work correctly but the 3rd section, to create a SharePoint item, errors. If I try to fix it I can still see all the dynamic values I originally created but I suspect they are working correctly as I can no longer edit or update them. See below screenshot where dynamic content options are now missing. Why is this?


Flow 6.JPG


If I then delete the 3rd section and try to create it again you will see it is not picking up any dynamic content at all from the MS form. Again, why is this?


Flow 7.JPG


Many thanks again for your continued help with this. 

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Re: Flow, SharePoint list and Forms - Repeat or no entry

Hi, I was wondering if anyone is able to give me some assistance with this issue? Hopefully I have explained it clearly now but, if not, please let me to know.

To summarise, if I use a connector to get response details from a Microsoft Form I need to state a Response Id. If I follow the guide and use an arbitrary value eg 001, when I create the next step in the flow to create a Sharepoint item in a list I can get access to dynamic fields in the Form to connect the Forms fields to column headers in the SharePoint list. However, it's never updates, it only takes the first entry eg 001.

If I use the 'List of response notifications Response Id' for the Response Id it will update but I loose access to dynamic fields when trying to create entries for my Sharepoint list.

I can fix 1 of 2 problems but not both at the same time. I imagine this is a common situation / issue and I am probably missing something very simple. I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide me.

Many thanks
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Re: Flow, SharePoint list and Forms - Repeat or no entry

Hi Artizeng,


Your SharePoint step needs to be moved inside the Apply to each.


When you specify a single ID like in your working example, it grabs just 1 and no loop is applied, when you use the dynamic content it can potentially be multiple responses. Therefore the dynamic content is not available outside of the loop in this case.


It will look a bit like this.



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