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Flow: Your operation has been throttled

Hello, everyone!


I'm new at Power Automate and I am having some issues with a flow I created.

It's a simple flow that refreshes the Power Bi dataset as soon as a file in a Sharepoint folder is updated.

It was working OK, but it stopped working this week. It seems that the trigger is working, since I can see a message that it's running and then it fails and I receive a e-mail saying that my operation has been throttled.


Did anyone have similar problems with a flow that simple?







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Super User


Here is a link to documentation that may provide some insight.  

It is likely that this Flow (or another Flow you have created) is running an excessive number of times or is otherwise consuming resources in excess of stated limits.

I see that the trigger is on a library - when someone is editing a document many saves can occur causing the Flow to run for each one.  You might change your Flow to one that runs periodically (once an hour?) and finds documents that have been updated in the last hour and then refreshes the dataset.





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@cfkc . Did you ever find a reason this happened? I too am experiencing this exact same thing. Mine is set to trigger when a file is updated in Sharepoint (I tried a few variations. This screen shot is from testing the trigger "When an item or a file is modified" rather than using the one for when a folder is modified, then refresh a dataset). The first few times it worked just fine, but then stopped and I got the throttled warning. I'm guessing part of this was that the Autosave function was saving too many times and triggering concurrently, so I turned this off to only manually save 1 time. Even in testing though it still doesn't seem to be working. 


I also thought having this run through a synced folder one my OneDrive, rather than connecting directly through to the Sharepoint site, might be the culprit so I tested with both ways. (You'll see this referenced in the Dataset name)




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