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Flow for Saved excel file on SharePoint to Mapped drive

Hello, really new to power automate. A quick direction will help. 


I am trying to get the saved excel file on SharePoint to my company's mapped network drive.


The Excel file is being modified by several people on daily basis wondering a flow can be setup to get the existing file and likewise modified changes  to network drive automatically.

I read we need on on-premise data gateway, which I believe we have already setup, I can see while trying to set the flow.



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Super User

Hi @Gurchetan ,

As you have mentioned the On-Premise gateway has been configured, your next step would be to create an automated flow that would trigger "When a file is created in SharePoint" (you can use other trigger option like modified). In the flow trigger you need to configure the SharePoint document library path, and then add file system action to configure the destination path (Mapped Drive). For more details, please refer the below link.


- Architect Madhan

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Thanks 🙂

Thanks Madhan, it helped me a lot. I have small question, the link you shared shows when a file is created in a folder, in my scenario the file is already there and contains multiple worksheets in it. I am only interested in getting two worksheets and whenever somebody update those two worksheets it automatically overwrite and reflect the same on mapped drive copied excel file.

Therefore, should I be creating a new file in the File system and by using Create File action? As currently that two worksheets I am interested in already has 4k+ rows content in them.



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