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Flow for sending email notifications by O365 distribution group

Hello all,

I need to create a flow that allows me to send email notifications based on the division of the user who created, modified or deleted an activity in Dynamics 365.

How can I ensure in the flow with the SWITCH function that emails will be sent to the 3 distribution groups according to the division of CRM users?

Do you have any examples please?

Thank you for your help.


Community Support
Community Support


Hello @Anonymous ,


An option is to create 3 flows with these CDS triggers -

1. When a record is created

2. When a record is updated

3. When a record is deleted


The created by lookup value can be used for sending the email in the first flow.

The modified by lookup value can be used for sending the email in the second flow.

While there is no column to track the third one, but it should still be possible to get a notification for the third one.


-Thanks and Regards,


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Thank you for your answer.
In each flow, I want to add condition like a switch in order to send email in fonction of the user division.
I have 3 divisions and in fonction of the user division which has created the record, i want to send an email to his division.




Yup, in that case you can have the switch action to decide which Division you want to send email to.



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Thank you for the example. 

I will test it.


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