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Flow has recently started creating duplicate entries in SharePoint List

I have created a flow that has been working correctly until a few days ago.


It is triggered from Power Apps which provide the data necessary to make the updates.


One of the steps in the flow is to create an entry in a SharePoint list (lets call it LIST A). It's been working great for a few months. But on June 10th 2022 this step started creating 2 entries instead of one.


There are other steps after this one that get data from a 2nd list (LIST B) and then creates entries on a 3rd list (LIST C) within the same SharePoint.  These steps are working as intended and no duplicates are created.


When I look at the results of the run, there is no indication anywhere that 2 entries were made to LIST A, only one entry.



Things I have checked so far:

- The flow is triggering only once.

- The code in power apps has not been modified since before the issues started happening.

- Looking at the raw inputs of both the trigger and the create item step do not show duplicate data.

- Looking at the outputs of the create item step show that only one item has been created.

- There are no other flows in the same list that would trigger "on item created". There is a separate flow in the same list that triggers "on item modified". Looking at the run history for that flow, the creation of this new item did not trigger it.


Has anyone run into a similar issue or know what if anything I should do to correct this?


Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi @Pablo_Berberana ,

  Thank you for checking so thoroughly of your flow! This seems more likely to be a SharePoint issue, given the steps you take: that the flow is triggered only once, that the actions of the flow can be confirmed correct by input output data and no duplicate actions from any other flow.

   I recommend creating a support request with the SharePoint team with the information you posted here.


   If by any chance you'd like to troubleshoot further on your own, you may also consider performing a network trace and inspect the network data to see if there are multiple requests to SharePoint. Overall, the SharePoint team will still be your best resource to resolve the issue.


   I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions!


Yiying Jiao

Support Engineer

Microsoft Power Platform

If this post helps, then please consider accepting it as the solution to help other members find it more quickly! Have a great day!

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Hi Yiying Jiao,


Thanks for your reply. I was afraid it might be something SharePoint related.


I will reach out to the SharePoint team but one last thing I will check that I did not think to do before is see if any other user in the SharePoint created a flow on their side that might be doing this. Unfortunately I am not the only owner/Admin of this SharePoint so it might be the case.


To that point and as a follow up question: do you know if there is a way for me to check ALL the flows that are connected to this specific list (or the whole SharePoint) even if I am not the one that created them?


Thanks again for your help

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Hi, I realised the duplicated records are generated only if I sort by asc or desc order.  If I leave the sorting blank, no duplicated records generated.  For time-being, I am using union(array, same array) to remove these duplicates records.

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