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Flow sending message when conditional fails

I built a recurring flow that looks in an Excel sheet to find re-certification dates and notify me when the certification should occur 30 days from today. The current set-up I am using is "List rows present in a table" -> Apply to each [the output i'm using is "value" which is a List of items] -> Condition


The condition has been giving me trouble from the start, but essentially what it does is take the "Days Until Next Check" column from each row and then the condition is if it is equal to the number 30. Under the "If yes" I am using the "Post a message as the Flow bot to a channel" function for Teams. There is nothing under "If no". I was having trouble when the "Days Until Next Check" was 3-digits, so I ended up converting both arguments into integers using the int() function. I thought this fixed the issue, but I am still having the same issue.


Essentially what is happening is I am getting messages sent even when the condition fails. I truly am at a loss for how this could be happening, because when I look through the summary of the run in the "List rows present in a table" outcome I can scroll through and see that it is pulling the correct numbers from the spreadsheet. The numbers listed are not equal to 30, yet I am still getting a message sent in the Teams chat. When I look at the condition, though, the outcome is false and under the message box it says that the condition was not met. I don't know what function is causing this message to send, and would love any ideas for fixing this issue people might have. I also am a bit frustrated because I cannot peek the code on the conditional to see if there is some sort of weird loophole that is causing the messages to send. 


**Also, this issue has happened to me with three different rows and I have tried different workarounds that I thought fixed them, but inevitably the issue reappeared with a different row of data.


an overview of my flow



messages being sent (date is negative because of issue within the sheet, but even so should not be an issue because the message should only send when the number of days is equal to 30)



the days until next check is correctly listed as 255 (and this number appears in the message sent), but there should be no message sent as it is not equal to 30



the most puzzling part in my opinion, is that in all of the cases where these messages are sent to the Teams channel, the condition result is false and it says that this branch is not executed


Overall, I am extremely confused and would love some input from others as to what might be happening. I have not been able to find any other posts with people having similar issues, but I also have not really seen people using flows for similar functions as this one. 

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hello @Anonymous 

Try to put your two Int expressions from the Condition action into a Compose action (before the Condition), so that you can see what they are and why the comparision in the Condition fails.

Kindly inform us about the result 🙂

Kind regards, John

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