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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Flow troubleshooting and licensing

So I built my first flow, and it worked :), but only once :(, it did nothing the following day.

I also see a warning stating I am near my limit.

When I look I can see that I hit the limit (750 of 750: I think we are on a larger enterprise plan but for now whatever).

Being that this is my first flow and the trigger event has only occured 3 times since it was created I assume it is counting every "check" as an event?

I set up a flow that triggers on a specific daily email. Does Flow consider the check every 15 minutes as an execution? Even if it did, that would be 96 flows a day. but it burnt the the 750 in 1 day. Even if it considers every email, I only had a dozen email over the weekend. However if it reconsiders every unread email every 15 minutes then it would be 12 * 4/hr * 24 = 1152 checks of unread email.

So my question is how does flow count? And how do I see that, when I look in the "show all activitiy" I only see the 1 successful event, and a failed prior flow build attempt. 1+1 = 2  not 750.


Help please. 

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Re: Flow troubleshooting and licensing

I found the history.

I assumed that the all activity link in the quota notification would take me where I needed, it doesn't.

I found the full history in the information section of the flow I built.

Even there you need to use the drop down to see "Checks, successes, and failures".

It would appear that my flow is checking once every minute. Which is weird because if my limit is 750, I assume I am in the free plan which says that the flows will only run every 15 minutes.

Whatever at least now the math works, but if you want to setup a flow that monitors email, be prepared for it to pin your count.

Because even plan 2 has a limit of 15000/month and at 1440/day checking email, you are only going to get half way through the month.


I guess my next question is how do I modify the frequency of the check?

I would also like to suggest that MS pop a warning when setting up any flow that is triggered on a "check mail when it arrives" event.


Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Flow troubleshooting and licensing (Admin please)

Do the admins monitor this community?

I am pretty sure what I described is not how this is supposed to count, and am now sitting not using this tool. I will likely abandon the use of flow and not recommend it to others. I am an early adopter/champion in my org. I am leaning toward this tool being a poor choice.

Firstly the "plan" I am on says it will only check once every 15. Looking at the Activity list it checked once every minute.

Secondly I only recieved 9 email over the period of 3 days, and yet I pinned my max count (the first day, before the event I was monitoring for even occured). Some advice would be appreciated.

Also if appropriate please reset my count.

New Member

Re: Flow troubleshooting and licensing (Admin please)

Same questions - and now concerns whether this community is a waste of time or if someone from Microsoft actually monitors it and provides feedback


I was not so lucky and did not get the flow to work ever.  (however, I seem to be racking up the flow usage too)


In addition, I don't see any guidance on troubleshooting a "failed" flow.  Apparently it just always works correctly or you're out of luck?

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