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Flows that send email

I created a very basic flow.  when an item is created in a sharepoint list, send email.  This has worked for weeks but today it does not. The error stated in flow is :


"Your are not authorized to send email on behalf of the specified sending account"


I have made no changes to the flow and now i'm scratching my head as to what happened.  please help.


Accepted Solutions

Just waned to update this thread incase anyone comes looking for a fix to this issue. It has already been submitted a few times as and Flow Idea. Upvote it here:

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Power Automate
Power Automate

@bgerew, did you change your password recently? Could you check the connection status by clicking on the avatar icon and then "My Connections"? If the connection status shows as "Can't sign in. Update password", click on Update password and provide your credentials.

I have verified all of these items.  Thank you for your thoughts.  The problem still persists.  I have narrowed it down to when you put the created by email in the from field and someone else submits the record.  Then the error is recieved.  I would like to find a solution to this as I do not want the emails to come from me for every item that is submitted.  All recommendations are welcome.

The Outlook connector will be able to send emails only using those email accounts that your credentials have access to. You cannot use the connector to send a mail on behalf of some other user - for obvious security reasons. This behavior and so the error you get are by design.


If you don't want to use your own account for sending the "notification e-mails", you could consider using a service account to send out the emails.




The Flow action "Send Mail" does allow to set the From field. This will set the from address in the emial headers to that allowing for "impersonation". This is not possible through a SharePoint Designer workflow. 


However, while it does complete the action and email is received after sent as x person (I've comfirmed this), the flow says it failed in the logs. Not sure why that is.



Hi kartikraop! Could you please provide more details how can I do this. The problem is that regardless of who creates a new item in the SharePoint list, the email always comes from my name and this is really confuse user who was a creator of new item in the list. Is it possible to change FROM name depending on which users added a new item in the SharePoint list or how I can use service account to do this?

Did you ever figure this out? I am facing the same problem and can not find a solution to this. The email really needs to be From the user that created the item.

why couldn't the flow send the email as the person who created the item, ie: "Created by" ?  seems most logical as no one would want all submission to come from me..  Is it because i created the Flow? I'm confused why there is a "From" field then and moreso as to why it can't be the Created By person.  thanks

I hear what you are saying about security reasons, but i think MS is missing the point here.  


We as admins setting up Flows would like the capability of configuring the system so that our organizational users are able start Flows and notifications sent from the system are sent as a system user (i.e.  This is was feasible in the old Workflow system.  


What if I wanted to create a workflow that, in case someone replied to the email they shouldn't reply to, would send an email to so I, the admin, get the reply?


Us admin peoples should be able to define whether the sender of that email is the creator of the document/item or a system user.


Just a thought...

Just waned to update this thread incase anyone comes looking for a fix to this issue. It has already been submitted a few times as and Flow Idea. Upvote it here:

Any update on this issue?

Flow still seems not to be able to send an email on behalf of the user that created an item what triggered the flow to start running.

@martinushamers- Did you find any workaround?

@arpan_mehetre@martinushamers Nothing yet from Microsoft but I just use a General mailbox that I have "send as" permissions in and use that in the From field of my flow emails. Approvals still show as coming from me but nothing we can do yet. In the body of approvals i just clarify that this request is from <name of user submitting request>. 


still sending from the creators account...

changing the flow step send email to "send email from a shared mailbox" might be the solution for short term... requiring to setup an shared mailbox for this...

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