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Get User profile V2 for all emails address when an email arrives - fails to send email when multiple email addresses are included

Hi All,


New to Power Automate and would appreciate some assistance.


When a new email arrives from a templated email from a specific sender then the flow creates a new MS Team based on the subject line adds new channels, removes my email and adds all people listed in from the "TO" field to the new team- this all works great.

The Problem:
Now that I've added "Get User Profile V2" and have attempted to personalise the email /teams post that is sent further down in the flow using the users given name, when testing this with just my email for testing purposes - all works great however as soon as there is more than one email address within the original emails "To" list the flow immediately fails but I need to be able to have it run when an email with multiple recipients are included is received to be able to refer to them all. 


Is there any way I can get around this so it will send emails out to everyone that was originally included in the first email and/ allows them to be displayed by Given Name in one email as " Hi, John, Wendy, whoever..." on either the one email or multple emails and so they can all be displayed in a team's post after that or tagged in the newly created group with their given name? (ignore "Kanal" -Channel in 3rd screenshot - there is a glitch in the flow where it shows in German for a few seconds then refreshes to English - regional settings are English by default!)







Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Just put the To field into a compose action, and then you can use the output of the compose action for the To field in sending your e-mail. It will not do an apply to each.



Sorry, I just noticed I replied to the wrong message. I don't think the above will help with your situation.

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