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Getting error 502 when saving email attachment

I have a flow to save email attachments when new email arrives. But I am getting 500 unknown error yesterday and then today I am getting 502, could someone please help?


I am using save email attachment flow but I am getting

  • Folder Path
  • Importance
  • Has Attachments
  • Include Attachments?
  • Headers
    { "Pragma": "no-cache", "x-ms-datasourceerror": "True", "x-ms-request-id": "4158810d-6bba-40c6-94e7-10ebd05ebd42", "X-Content-Type-Options": "nosniff", "Connection": "close", "Cache-Control": "no-cache", "Date": "Tue, 09 Aug 2016 19:59:55 GMT",
  • Body
    { "status": 502, "message": "The service returned invalid JSON.", "source": "" }



Hi @JingChang. can you please share your flow id?


Go to My flows, then click on the flow, and share the url with me.



Hi JmArreola, thanks for following up!


I have two flows one saving to storage account and the other savign to one drive, they both run into the same error, on the first activity "On new email", here are the urls




I left From, To, and Subject Filter empty in the intention of processign all emails, do they have to have some input?

okay, @JmArreola, I forgot to tag you in previous conversations, Now with all From, To, Subject Filter specified, I had a successful save of email attachment to one drive.


What is the right way to save all email attachments without specifying sender and subject filter?




Hi @JingChang the filters are not required. The flow should work with and without them. I already have the logs for the failures of your Flows and we will investigate the reason why they failed.


Yesterday we had an issue related to this connector, i will see if your issue is related. In the meantime, just to double check, can you please modify the flow, remove the filters and test it again now?

Hi @JmArreola sure thing! I will validate and let you know. just to make sure, you mean with From, To, and Subject filter all empty (default to accept all), it should work?  do you just want me to remove subject filters or remove all three?

Yes @JingChang, I mean the From, To and Subject filter, if you can just modify the flow to be the same as it failed yesterday.

Hi @JmArreola it failed again,but not on the first "on new email" activity, but on the second "Create File" activity. I am seeign a new error below, what does it mean? could you please help?


Meanwhile, I havn't had any success when saving to storage account. I will send out details soon,







On new email
Create file
  • Code
  • Message
    Unable to process template language expressions in action 'Create_file' inputs at line '1' and column '11': 'The template language function 'concat' parameter values is out of range: evaluating the function would result in a literal of length '226477' which exceeds the limit of '131072'. Please see for usage details.'.

Ok @JingChang. Let me take a look on the error

@JmArreola is that error a data size limit error? what is the supported data size limit for an email attachment? This is a highly asked customer scenario and we have some customer trying to automate their data pipeline using this. 

can you share a screenshot of the CreateFile step?

I will connect with you offline

New Member

Hi, I am getting the same error. Do we have an answer to this?

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