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How to generate a PDF or Email from SharePoint List Item w/Enhanced Text (Multiple Amended Entries), attachments, etc.

Hello — I have setup a SharePoint list as an employee performance mgmt log; each has a folder and within it entries that contain additional data such as the name, a ref# for the entry, the status of the entry, a summary (enhanced rich text) dates/etc, as well as a spot for action notes/updates/outcomes.  There’s a section for links/attachments as well. The enhanced text in the action notes is sort of needed, but the summary could be replaced to plain text. We like that the action notes record who edited it with a timestamp. There’s a couple things I am trying to accomplish:


Sorry if this is in the wrong area, but if anyone can direct me or provide insight, I’d appreciate it. 

So far this has been the best thing we’ve done and is effective, as we can use it in teams for the authorized users and grant access to specific folks only, as well as in SharePoint. We can attach files and links related to the entries and notate progressively, send automated weekly reports to leaders who are remote, etc, and generally it’s really been a great fix. But, the not getting to print the few times needed or PDF is a sticking point. The Excel CSV isn’t the answer. 


  • Without using the premium service, is there a way to extract all the data — or at least most of it (entry title, category, status, name of team-member, summary, action notes i.e. all of them) and save it as a PDF in a SharePoint location or send as an email attachment? I setup some simple flows, but do not have premium and it’s likely not something I can get. 
  • With that being said, if I can’t get a PDF, is there a way to fill the content into the email body; I tried using dynamic content and some of it worked (Except the employee photo, which returned a link) but the action notes did not, there was no [Action notes value] option, just the header which I put in the email body and ran the flow; it failed to send and I tweaked it and it send but did not include any of the notes or summary 
  • Is there a way to print the item without using premium directly from SharePoint so I could scan it in as a PDF if I needed to? I tried print screen, CTRL+P and it basically returns jibberish and a bit of the item but not enough to be helpful, it cuts of the text of the notes and doesn’t really serve the purpose.

I have setup flows to send at least some of the info to certain users when a certain condition is met, like a warning or a praise that is marked completed or followup, or when it’s assigned to someone, but it doesn’t really contain enough of the data to be useful. 


I have another flow setup for a separate list, which is working great, but I can’t figure this one out. 


We can’t use any of the premium services. I do not really know how to use PowerApps and I am not sure if I can.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @NicolasHJ ,


How many PDFs are you expecting to generate a month?


Encodian and Plumsail has free tiers that allows up to 50 actions per month.  Here is a link to Encodian.


Otherwise, for non premium options, sending an HTML email may be your best bet.


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You wouldn’t have a screen shot of the way the HTML table flow should be setup, would you? I tried it twice and it kept failing. Not sure what the error was.

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