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How to get variable items of Flow on a Scheduled Email to multiple users

I've am trying to create a flow that that every 6 months automatically sends a email to a group of administrators requesting from them to review and revise there designated Flow since processes change over time in each team.


I have been able to get the basics put together but I am still a beginner at Microsoft Flow, so help with be appreciated!


These are the ideal requirements

- A email is automatically send out to all the admins every 6 months asking them to revise there designated Flows

- Included in the email is an file attachment from SharePoint, however each recipient has a different file that is assigned to them which needs to be attached.


 So If I have 5 different administrators, and have 5 different processes. The flow needs to send an email for example to with a generic body message and have attached the file that is pulled from the SharePoint folder with the variable of John Smith as the process owner.


Please view these 2 screen shots for references. 








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Re: How to add dynamic attachments of Flow on a Scheduled Email Reminder to multiple users

Hi @kpiana , I would do this with a Switch case control, a type of Condition. In my example (images below) I have the SharePoint list with a column called Owner. In the flow I add the recurrence schedule, then get the SharePoint items, then add a Switch control based on the Owner. That will wrap itself in an Apply to each, then for each switch case you specify what the Owner must equal, then you can add the actions for each of the cases. So If the Owner column in the SharePoint list equals Miguel then send an email to Miguel and put whatever you need to in the email and add the attachments and any further actions. Then you do the same for each of the other owners. I think you can have up to 26 or 27 switch cases as far as I recall.

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0-SPLists.pngLists with initial values1-Recurrence-GetPoints.pngTrigger and Get Points2-SwitchControl.pngSwitch control inside an apply to each3-GetCumulativePoints-Compose.pngGet current cumulative points and put them in a Compose control4-ComposePoints-Addition.pngAdd Compose controls for new points, add them to cumulative points5-UpdateCumulativePoints.pngUpdate the cumulative points list with the addition6-UpdatePoints.pngReset current points list to 08-AllCases.pngAdd the actions for each person9-SPResult.pngThe result in the 2 lists

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Re: How to add dynamic attachments of Flow on a Scheduled Email Reminder to multiple users


Hello, thank you for your response. So I was able to follow what you did up until where we added the switch control. This is where I got lost since I am not sure how to use this feature and what exactly it is doing. I additionally added a List, however for the files that need to be attached, do I leave those where they are? If so how does this flow pick the attachment?


Thank you in advance!





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