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Is Office 365 Get Events Filter Query working?

Some days ago I opened a thread related to Office 365 Calendar trigger "On Event Starting Soon".


Since Flow staff confirmed there was a bug, I started working with the following workaround: Daily recurrence trigger followed by an Office 365 Calendar Get Events action block.

I'm trying to get just the events that starts the same day the script is executed, so I played with the following ODATA expression on Get Events Filter Query input:


date(Start_x0020_time) eq date(now())


When executing the script, however, it looks like the filter is not applying as I expected, so all events from target Calendar, no matter the "Start time" they have, are included as output.


I've also tried with the following Filter Query


Taking into account some of the events I've currently programmed does not include 'prueba' in their Subject. However, the filter is not applying as I expected, again all events from target Calendar, no matter which Subject do they have, are included as output..


I took as a reference the ODATA documentation from here


Am I doing something wrong with Filter Query definition?

Thank you in advance!

Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

I found a post on powerapps forum covering this topic also, according to response given last 25-april, "filter functionality has not been implemented yet. It's in the plan to support filter query. We don't have a timeline right now."

Any idea if this has been implemented yet?


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I am also very interested if there is solution how to filter calendar events that are retrieved from Office 365 by using Get Events -action.


I use Date(event start time -dynamic value) eq Date(Now()).


No errors, but it doesn't filter events at all.

I never got it to work, I wasn't sure if it was my syntax or what the issue was but I could not get it to filter appropriately despite dozens of tries

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Actually i allready messed up with those dynamic fields.


I now started empty flow with push button action. After that i want to get (today) events from my calendar.


What a heck i should type on that oData filter field? i should filter events by start date but how?


@{utcnow()} gives me current time, but how i filter with that?

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I tried also:

1) get all calendar events with get events action

2) with whole result set: add condition event start time is bigger than utcnow(). 

3) send email about every event meets the condition


result is that every event passes my condition.


Näyttökuva 2016-12-14 kello 17.35.32.png

That has been my experience too not sure how to correctly structure the querries to return the results I expect

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I find help from here:


Using this on my condition it seems to work!!


@equals(substring(item()?['Start'], 0, 10),utcnow('yyyy-MM-dd'))

Is there an update on this?

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