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Issue with SharePoint XML Forms Library

Hi All,


I'm attempting to setup a fairly basic Power Automate flow using a XML Forms Library on a SharePoint site.

No issues connecting to the data source itself.

The XML Forms Library consists of multiple InfoPath forms that are periodically uploaded onto that library.
Each InfoPath Form is assigned to a particular user, and contains 1 or more records that the user must review via a dropdown list control on the form. A record is marked as reviewed once they've selected one of the values from the dropdown. There's a field called "OpenItems" which initially contains the total # of records on the InfoPath form. Once they've reviewed all of the records and submitted the form, "OpenItems" will be equal to 0.
On the SharePoint library that houses all of these forms, "OpenItems" is one of the promoted fields from the InfoPath form - so there's an "OpenItems" column on SharePoint that shows the total # of open records for each of those InfoPath files.
This is the field that I'm attempting to use within the Power Automate flow. The flow is triggered when an item is created, i.e.: when we upload one of the InfoPath forms onto the library. I then have a timer set for 2 days. From here, there's a condition which checks to see if "OpenItems" is greater than 0. If yes, then an email is sent to that user.


The flow is running as expected when an item is created - however, the issue is that it's not 'seeing' the updated "OpenItems" count for any of the forms that have been fully reviewed by the user and submitted. If I look at those files on the SharePoint library, I can clearly see that the "OpenItems" column is set to 0. However, the flow only seems to be looking at the *initial* "OpenItems" count from when the form was first created (uploaded); I confirmed this by adding "OpenItems" as one of the fields that's listed in the body of the email.

Thus, the condition ("OpenItems" > 0) is evaluating to 'Yes' on all of the forms, even the ones that are fully reviewed and show an "OpenItems" count of 0 on the SharePoint list. 😕


Do I need to pursue a different route to go about this?




Super User
Super User

@bcanfield83  any reason why you are using When an item is created trigger? I think you need to use when item is created or modified trigger, so when the OpenItems column value is modified, your flow triggers.  

Anna Jhaveri

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