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Issues using SharePoint Get files (properties only) Filter Query and Order By

I am using the SharePoint Get files (properties only) action in Flow on O365. I want to use Filter Query and Order By. Should the Dynamic content display a list of the SharePoint View columns to pick from? The only item listed is the Variable I created in a previous step.

I was modeling my data using information from this post:
The error I received was:
Column 'Customer' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.


The following is what my properties were set to:
 Get files PropertiesGet files Properties
The following are the Column Headers from the library View:
 Column HeadersColumn Headers


Anyone have suggestions for me?

Community Champion
Community Champion


Looking at the list, have you renamed the 'Title' column to 'Customer'?

If so, could you try changing 'customer' to 'title' in the query?

Cheers J

Super User
Super User



Flow uses SharePoint internal column names for this filter. 

To resolve your issue:

Go to library settings

Click on the Customer column name

Look at the URL on the column settings page

The column's internal name will be at the end of the URL after field=

Replace Customer with the columns internal name in your query


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Thanks for the information @ScottShearer and @Jay-Encodian!



I followed the steps Scott outlined and changed the field names to correspond to the Field values in the URL:

Customer -> Customer_x0020_All (was Field=Customer%5Fx002d%5FAll in the URL)
Created By -> Author (was Field=Author in the URL)


I am still getting error:


Column 'Customer_x0020_All' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.

Hi @KathyB


Did you rename the title field?

But @ScottSheareris correct the method detail would give you the internal name... so scrub tht question

Try exactly the way it appears in the URL when you click on the column.

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Hi @ScottShearer and @Jay-Encodian,


When I replaced it with: Customer%5Fx002d%5FAll


I get the error:

The expression "Customer%5Fx002d%5FAll eq ''" is not valid.


I didn't see where you could us 'empty' like '@empty' in a filter. Does it not like the use of '' (empty string)? I tried to change this to "" and it doesn't like that so it definately wants singe quotes. I am going to put a value in the single quites to see if taht makes a difference!

@ScottShearer and @Jay-Encodian,


When I changed the '' to 'E' I get a different error:


The field 'Customer_x002d_All' of type 'TaxonomyFieldType' cannot be used in the query filter expression.


So it seems it doesn't like a comparison with an empty string and you can't filter on a TaxonomyFieldType?

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Hi @KathyB,


You could try running your flow without the filter, so that you could check what the required name is of your field. For example my flow uses the criteria Modified date, which is stated as modified.



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Hi @Momo,

I think that is the same thing that @ScottShearer and @Jay-Encodian had previously suggested? I can give it a try.

I did get this to work by adding a filter array. I would have preferred to reduce the output though at the SharePoint selection. Turns out that Customer is a managed dataset and I would need to specify that I only wanted blank/null entries on it's label but have not been able to find how to reference that just yet. In the filter array it is referenced as: ['Customer_x002d_All']?['Label']. I tried all of the following variations in the filter and continue to get an error:


['Customer_x002d_All']?['Label'] eq 'XXX'

'Customer_x002d_All'?'Label' eq 'XXX'

Customer_x002d_All?Label eq 'XXX'

Customer_x002d_All\Label eq 'XXX'

'Customer_x002d_All'\'Label' eq 'XXX'

['Customer_x002d_All']\['Label'] eq 'XXX'


I have been unable to find an example that uses fields having parts to find the right reference to use in the filter. I will continue to search for other examples and documentation on field reference.



@ScottShearer, @Momo, @Jay-Encodian,

So looking at the information @Momo sent me, a specific field I am trying to filter on appears as follows:

      "Document_x0020_Type": {
        "@odata.type": "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedTaxonomy",
        "TermGuid": "guid removed",
        "WssId": 97,
        "Label": "Project Status",
        "Path": null,
        "Value": "Project Status|guid removed"

      "Document_x0020_Type#WssId": 97,

I would want to filter  on "Label" for "Document_x0020_Type", just have not figured out the format/syntax to do that or if it can even be done without developing my own connector!


Frequent Visitor

Hi @KathyB,


I'm also not a pro in MS flow nor in programming. But this is the code I used in my flow: Modified lt ' XXX '


Have you tried something like: Label eq ' XXX '  ?image.png

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