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Helper I

Match field value of two tables and output fields from both into new Excel table

I have two sets of data:


Set A: Excel table in Onedrive for which a Flow updates row adds as form submissions come in
Set B: An SQL Server table


Both sets have an identical field (" Id ") with a unique number value. This is the customer's registration ID that is generated when they register for a product (recorded in Set B). After their product (event) date, a survey feedback form is sent to them generated with the same registration Id. They complete the form, and a connector pushes the submission to a new row in the Set A Excel table in OneDrive.


What I now need to do is create a flow that:


- takes the registration ID value from the "Id" field in Set A
- queries Set B for the matching registration ID and retrieves the row data for that record
- either adds it to the matching row in the Set A table OR takes the combined data for that Id from Sets A and B and then outputs it into a new Excel table in OneDrive (whichever is less absurd, which I feel is likely adding it to Set A)


An example of how the rows are structured:

Set A:

ID | Score 1 | Score 2 | Comments |Opt-In |


Set B:

ID | Site Location | Event Type | Event Level


With the desired result ending up consolidated as:

ID | Score 1 | Score 2 | Comments | Opt-In | Site Location | Event Type | Event Level


Any help with this would be massively appreciated - it'll solve for a lot of manual work that goes on across a few departments.

Thank you for reading!


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