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Microsoft Flow : Set Content Approval Status Failed


Hi ,


I am struggling with a Flow issue what i am trying to do here is a Leave Request Form that would need an approval from manager & once approved the requestor will get a mail saying his request is approved .I have listed down the flow here & adding some screen shots which might help . I am on tough deadline to complete this for a new team , internal service desks have failed miserably to fix the issue . SOS.....


1. Create a request in Sharepoint Online by the requestor - Works Fine

2.Trigger a mail to the requestor saying the work flow status has be Created - Works fine

3.Mail triggred to Approver for their approval - Works Fine

4.Approver goes to Sharepoint & approves the Leave request - Works Fine

5. Status of approval in Sharepoint - Doesnt Work , Error : Action 'Set content approval status' failed

6. The Leave request placed in the corresponding calendar created in Same sharepoint site , which will help the team to see leave request - Doesnt Work


{"Etag":null,"Message":"The specified item was not found. Check that it has not been deleted, and that you provided the correct site and list/library","Succeeded":false,"ApprovalErrorCode":"itemNotfound","ApprovalLink":null}
clientRequestId: e05f1c05-7d73-46c9-be07-ec119dcd35bf
serviceRequestId: 8e57d59e-e0ab-8000-f629-2eb9658804ae


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Adding The screen shot of condition




The issue you have described will appear if you haven't set the list to require content approval.  To do so, go to list settings and then to versioning.  Set "Require content approval" to  yes.



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@ScottShearer Thank you for the response , i checked the versioning settings its as per your recommendation above.Still same issue




Hi @rsrih 


In the Action: Set Content Approval Status, which piece of dynamic content are you putting into the ID field? In your screenshot it looks like it's getting a value of "id3", but this may just be due to the way the screenshots are cut. The expected value for the field is an integer and it's being given a string which is why it can't be found.


Like I say, that may be something which has just been caused by the screenshot.


Could you please post a screenshot of the actual Flow config rather than the test run please? That may help us diagnose more.





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