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Helper V
Helper V

Modify on specific column SharePoint List and send email Person

I would like to create PowerAutomate for SharePoint List, but need help for problem.

How to create Flow where specific column on SharePoint List is change  and send email based on person column

Because is different date and day for user input that column.

I give my screen shoot SharePoint List for better explanation.

Recommendations or a better trigger, or how to properly configure this trigger, would be greatly appreciated

Email when modify in column spesific.png


Super User
Super User


While I don't totally understand your requirement, it will involve the use of the use of the SharePoint Get Changes for an Item or File action.  See my example below and let me know if you have additional questions.




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I'm apologize for my question.

I mean, if someone modify only specific column (DeliveryDate Column) it will be email to person column.

because I'm using flow to input on this new list (list name : New Order POSM Processing)



Rule SharePoint List





and when I'm using rule on SharePoint List it have problem :

1. make me twice times modify to make this rule works and send email

2. if send email it send one by one, so another people is didn't know who is receive email.

(Example : in person column have 3 person but only show 1 person, even though all person is receive. But to make sure is need 3 person on email)




Helper V
Helper V

Can anyone help me to build this flow?


Community Support
Community Support

@Lucas_Ignatiusbased on description you sent I created an example of how you can configure your flow.

Please adjust the details according to your needs.



- Since: sub(int(triggerOutputs()?['body/{VersionNumber}']),1)

This expression will validate the last change version.

- Created a string variable to store the list of person as you would like to send email to all person at once.

- Validate if specific field (in my case is Date) was changed.

- Send email using variable created above.




If this works for you, please mark my answer as Solution.

Hi, I think is different with my problem.

My problem when user is change column or input new date only column PODate, ProduksiMateriDate and DeliveryDate it will be sent email to person Column.
Can you help me for this problem? 
I'm very sorry is my if my explanation is bad and not clear

Community Support
Community Support

@Lucas_Ignatius not sure if I understood well.

But if you need to run flow whenever the data is inserted into columns PODate, ProduksiMateriDate and DeliveryDate, you can just adjust the condition in the flow I shared. For example:



Has column changed: PODate


Has column changed: ProduksiMateriDate


Has column changed: DeliveryDate


The rest would be the same.

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