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Move files not working



I have created a flow wherein I want to just simply move file from one folder to another but it is not working.

The flow says it ran successfully but the file was not moved.


This is my flow settings:



The dummy file is just simple .xlsx but its not working.

I also tried to create simple folders (without spaces) and still it does not work.


Please help. thank you




Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar


Can you please share the error message you are receiving?


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Hi @Mira_Ghaly  - this is where I´m confused of because the flow was ran successfully and flagged no errors. But the files did not move to destination folder as expected.


this is the flow log:




Hi @Nelle

From your flow run history it looks like the Get Files did not return any files, are you sure there is files in this folder l.


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Hi @Mira_Ghaly 


Yes the folder has a dummy file for my testing.

Note: I´ve changed the folder paths to make it simpler in this case but it still did not work.

I tried using Name, File Name with extension and ID as dynamic content but still no progress



Hello Team,


This seems weird, it worked just fine for me.


I just tried out the exact same flow and was able to see all my files in the destination.







One thing though, I have not limited the entries to folder, can you do a vanilla move file action without using that configuration just so we can see if its working and that particular configuration is at fault, i think that is the pain point, atleast we need to find this out.


Let me know.


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Hi @yashkamdar ,


It actually worked fine for me when I recreated the same flow using my credentials. The files moved as expected.

However, when I asked the owner of the actual folders that I want to move the files into, it did not worked fine for her.

When she also granted me permission on the flow, when I ran it, it also did not work.


I´ve tried your suggestion below not to limit folders, I think it actually worked because the move action was running for 4m unlike previously where it stopped at 0s. I have to cancel it as other users will have to use other folders in real time. In actual, I just really need to move one specific folder to the other.


What do you mean by vanilla move? can you provide screenshots on how to do this? 

Hello @Nelle ,


Can you show me your source and the destination folder structure via screenshots and then I can design a Flow for that and share it with you, that would definitely help you out.


The only reason why I wanted you to create a simple flow without limiting to folders is to check whether your Flow succeeds and it did succeed which means there isn't anything wrong with the Flow however I do think that there are Folder level restrictions applied on the destination folder that might be slowing down the flow or denying the flow from creating files.


Can you also make sure you have Write level permissions in other words the account running the Flow has Write level permissions on all the destination folder (in context of Sharepoint this means Contribute, Edit or Full Control).


Awaiting response..

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