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My flows get skipped because of PendingWebhookSubscription error



One of our flows stopped working - it skips the initial check with an error:


PendingWebhookSubscription. "The execution of the API notification recurring trigger 'Received_new_email' is skipped. Either the subscription registration is not yet complete or it is in an invalid state.
I can't find anything wrong with the flow - pushing the email manually completes the workflow with no errors. But a lot of emails get skipped because of this error. What does it mean?


Community Support
Community Support

Hi Justinas_r, 


Did you try to remove the connection and re-added it?


Please, let me know if it worked.






Yes, I did try that, multiple times. Seems to make no difference.

Bump. This is a severe issue and our company needs a solution ASAP. We can't fix it ourselves because this error is not documented. Anyone from Microsoft? Please?



Please, open a support case in order we can help you.




Advocate I
Advocate I

I am experiencing the a the following:


1) Trigger action "When a new email arrives (V3)" suddenly stopped working on July 31.  Had been working for months.

2) Run history - all runs: no activity since Jul 31

3) Run history - failed runs: found this error in the last successful run


4) Run history - Checks (no new data), about once per hour i get a "skipped" run.  Each one shows this in the trigger:

Screenshot 2021-08-02 115814.png


What's surprising and disappointing is that none of this appears as an error, you really need to go digging for it.   At this moment, I've reauthenticated using another connection, hoping this will solve the issue.  

New Member

I am noticing the same thing as what @SJacobs described. What's interesting is that I also had no activity since 7/31.

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I have the same issue from the exact same date.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Update:  My flow is running again without issue.    Here's what I did:  I cleared connection to the trigger action "When a new email arrives (V3)" and then reapplied the same connection.  In the past hour the flow has successfully triggered twice.  I hope this helps others who experience this.


Screenshot 2021-08-02 152903.png


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Update: Microsoft is currently experiencing a Service Degradation.


Title: Flows containing office 365 triggers are failing to execute

User Impact: Flows containing office 365 triggers are failing to execute

More Info:

Not all flows are impacted by this issue, only flows using the “when an email arrives” trigger will be impacted.

Impacted flows can be found in the “checks” section of the flow maker portal.


If you have an impacted flow, disable and re-enable the flow in the maker portal to restore functionality.

Current Status: Following our investigation, we identified that this issue was caused by a previous flow connectors incident in which a recent deployment update to a portion of infrastructure responsible for routing traffic contained a misconfiguration that led to errors.

@Anonymous Where did you find your information?  I'd love to know where to search for notifications like this.  In fact, my first assumption that was that this was a known issue, but I couldn't find anything.  Thanks!

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My company's ofiice 365 admin received an email with the service alert. The issue is currently being resolved.

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