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Not able to share a flow with a group or team - option missing



I want to add to a flow a run-only permission for a group, as this flow is used by a couple of users, which might change more often. My issue is that I don't have this option to add groups (see screenshot 1). In diffrent online documentations I can see that it is possible to add groups or lists as run-only users (see screenshot 2 - from this post:


By the way, I also can't add a group to the owners of the flow (although it says "Invite Systemusers or Teams"). I also tried to add a O365 Group Name or Email - also not possible.


I'm wondering what's the reason, that I can't do that? Any Ideas?


Thank you for any hints or recommentations!





Screenshot 1

Flows verwalten _ Microsoft Power Automate-000134.jpg







Screenshot 2

Share your Flows with Office 365 Groups and SharePoint Lists, Connector Updates,-000136.jpg

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Hi @Anonymous ,


I have the same issue... Did you find a solution?


Kind regards,


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Hi @Numan_Dev 


yes, I found 2 options:


First - create a "TEAM", which can be used as some kind of group in the WF. 

> Advantage: You have one place where you maintain the members of this TEAM, and you can use the TEAM in varius WFs

> Disadvantage: Still you can't add AD groups, you need to maintain member by member (ad new employees etc...)


How To:

* Go to

* Open your environment and go on "Settings" (I have german screenshots only)

* Go on "Teams" and Create a new Team and add members







Second - (and I prefer this one)

* I just make a field with the title "Start WF" (check box)

* I trigger the WF on "if an item is edited" related to the list or library I want to use it.

* In the background of this funktion I add a trigger to check that the workfow is not starting on every change, just at the beginning and if the status field of the item is on "draft"


> Advantage - any use, who can access by edit rights the list oder document library, can start a WF and I don't need to maintain the members of the TEAM


This is in the "settings" of the trigger element in the workfow in order to make sure the WF does not run in a circle




I hope that helps,





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Hi @Anonymous,

thanks for your reply!


The first option is not an option for me because I wanted to add an Office Group, so I don't have to add members one by one when new employees enter the company.

And the second Option I don't quite understand. But it sounds a bit laborious for me. 


I hoped that there was a solution that makes the instructions, explained in the post you shared, work 😕 

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