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Not receiving notifications when flow has failed

Hello together


Today one of the business users which is co-owner in a lot of flows reported to me, that she does not receive e-mails when a flow has failed. I checked I found failed flows where I also did not get notified. Has anything changed regarding notifications? I am almost certain, that flow used to send a mail to all flow owners when a flow has failed. Do i have to activate this notifications somehow?


Thanks for your help!



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Super User

I find it can take several days for notifications of failed flows to come through. So if there is a really important flow that you want to know quickly if it has failed then add after each action in the flow add a Send an email or add a notification action and set the Configure run after options. It's a pain and it makes your flow much longer but it's much quicker way to be informed if a flow has failed.

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1-Configure run after menu1-Configure run after menu2-Options2-Options

The built-in failure notifications for Flow are only sent out once a week.  You can reference this article from Stephen for more info on the default notifications:


If you want instance notifications instead of a weekly summary, you'll need to take an approach like Rob outlined by configuring some kind of run after failure to send a notification.  I recommend implementing a Try, Catch, Finally pattern in your Flows for error handling.  There is actually a Flow template out there already for this:


You basically utilize Scopes so you put all of your actions in a "Try" scope.  Then you have a "Catch" scope after that which has a notification action in it which you set to only run after the "Try" scope has failed.

Hello together


Thanks a lot for replying! The point is, that the weekly sumarries are not sent out at all. So we had a bunch of flows failing because of a sharepoint incident and none of the owners did receive a mail. Looks like I have to open a case on this one.



Okay, it seems that I was wrong. I always thought that the mail, which is sent out when a flow fails, always is sent to all the owners of the flow. But it seems, that the mail is only sent to the one who created the flow. Is there a way to change that? 

Adding a run after action is not really a way to follow because we talk about 200 flows in Production. Each of them has at least 5 Actions where the run after must be configured....

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