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Oracle Date Filter Error...need to filter column for Prior Year

Hey everyone...really need help on what I'm missing here.  I've added a couple of screenshots to help.  I'm simply trying to filter a date column from a table in an Oracle Data Warehouse to be equal to 1 year ago.  The logic seems correct, but I continue getting the error stating an identifier was expected.  Any thoughts?


Flow Error.PNGError2.PNG


Hi @wcsmith 


This might be due to date formatting. Can you please check what is the date format on the Oracle DB (LICENSE_EFFECTIVE_DATE column)? The expression you used in flows gives you MM/dd/yyyy. I am guessing this what is causing the error. You can use the formatdatetime()function to appropriately format the date type. 


Hope this Helps!


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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @wcsmith ,


Please try the following ways:

  1. Make sure the two dates are in the same format, you could use formatDateTime function to format the date returned from the function to the same format with License_effective_date column.
  2. Please surround the function with a single quote. When using function in the Filter query, we are always asked to surround them with a single quote.


Hope this could be helpful.



Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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I think I have the formatting the same now....   but I get the following error...


We cannot apply operator < to types Text and DateTime.  Below is what I'm getting as a result...






Can you please share a screenshot of the flow? I also wanted to see a sample value from the date column of your database. 

Screenshots below...I've tried many different formats and can't seem to get them to work.  I either get the error about missing something in position XX...or I get the error stating it can't do the < operator with DateTime or Text

FLOW...Format date is 'g'   I've tried to put ' ' around the function as wellFLOW...Format date is 'g' I've tried to put ' ' around the function as wellPower BI date resultsPower BI date resultsSQL Developer date resultsSQL Developer date results

This is what the date looks like in the FLOW if I don't filter anything....


"LICENSE_EFFECTIVE_DATE": "2019-09-30T00:00:00Z"



Okay. can you modify your filter statement as LICENSE_EFFECTIVE_DATE ge 'ticks(getPastTime(1,'Year','d'))' ?


Edit: you might aso want to have a look at

@yashag2255 wrote:



Okay. can you modify your filter statement as LICENSE_EFFECTIVE_DATE ge 'ticks(getPastTime(1,'Year','d'))' ?


Edit: you might aso want to have a look at

That allowed the flow to run, but it did not return any results.  Also...this format yyyy-MM-dd allows the flow to run, but doesn't return any results.  I'm positive results exists, so for some reason it's still not recognizing the date.

I see that the date format in the database is  "30-SEP-19" so you can try formatting the date that way. It would be ticks(formatDateTime(getPastTime(1,'Year','d'),'dd-MMM-yy')). Can you check with this expression once?

using the 'eq' function...the flow works but I get zero results.  using the 'ge' function..which is what I gives me 

We cannot apply operator < to types Number and DateTime

@wcsmith This looks like a limitation in the Oracle DB connection. Have you had a chance to look at this ->


Hope this Helps!

Not applicable

I'm not sure it's work for SQL but have you try    endsWith( LICENSE_EFFECTIVE_DATE , '18' )  because i try on an Excel file and it's actually work for your date format but only for 1 year .

endsWith( LICENSE_EFFECTIVE_DATE , '@{formatDateTime( utcNow() ,'yy')}' ) 




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