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Planner tasks stopped working

Our team has a handful of flows that create daily tasks to members of our team. This was worked perfectly for months and then stopped working with the below errors. It then started working again for a few days and has stopped again with the same errors.
We create around 20 tasks a day and the flow runs once in the morning. I don't understand how this is exceeding any type of limits. The connection account has an Office 365 E3 license assigned to it.
  "error": {
    "message""The request exceeded allowed limits.",
    "innerError": {
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It looks like there is a 250-task limit per user, per plan, including completed tasks regardless of buckets.


Depending on how you break up your plan into buckets, the quickest solution may be to delete the oldest completed tasks.


Let me know if this helps,




Is there any way to delete completed tasks in bulk? We have probably close to 500+ per user.

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You could create a flow that loops through all of the tasks in the plan and deletes any task that was completed before a certain date.


you could set this up with a manual trigger, or set it to run on a schedule.


If your bucket structure in planner is time based ( a bucket for a week or a month period) you can just go back and delete old buckets manually.


let me know if this helps.




Is deleting Tasks from Power Automate available? From what I'm reading in the below from last month this still isn't an option.

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you're right, i'm sorry. I was actually thinking about modifying an excel spreadsheet based on Planner tasks.


hmm. i'll have to think about it.


How do you use buckets in your plan?

So right now we separated our plans based on if it's a Monthly/Weekly/Daily/Quarterly check.


Buckets in those plans are titled the service that needs to be checked and tasks are assigned to individuals.


Example of our Daily Plan:

• Daily plan has buckets for each service that needs to be checked during the day

• Flow runs early in the morning, Monday - Friday, and assign a certain number of tasks per bucket (service name)

• A task to might be "Check logs from customer B" and assign it to the analyst on duty that week. Once the analyst is finished reviewing they will complete the task for the day. Tuesday will have the same tasks again and create a new task for the analyst to complete.

@Anonymous  Any thoughts are a better way?

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I personally am not familiar with any solution apart from manually deleting them.


I had searched a bit regarding deleting Planner tasks using PA and remember reading something that was way above my level of expertise. I think it was something along the lines of using the Flow to go to the Planner site and "manually" delete the desired task(s).


That might be worth looking into.


Sorry that I couldn't be more help. Hopefully another (more experienced) member of the community can provide some insight.



We've just hit this limitation as well. Someone didn't think out how Planner might be used properly.


I've opened a support case with Microsft, so let's see what they say.

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Can you tell me what the result of the support case was?

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