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Posting to yammer as an announcement

We want to be able to post to a certain Yammer group as an announcement, not as a regular update.

As far as I understand, the broadcast option should do that, but it doesn't. Any ideas?


MS support advised that it's out of scope for them, so looking for suggestions here.


Accepted Solutions

@Anonymous, you can now post announcements on Yammer. You would have to set the Broadcast field value to true and also provide a value for Title. Yammer can't post announcements without a title.

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Power Automate
Power Automate

Could you please provide more details on what you tried and did not work for you? Specifically, how are you determining which message is to be posted as an announcement?

Yammer has a "Post Message" action that allows you to post a message to a group.


If you have created an existing flow which is not working for you, can you please open the flow (in edit mode) and share the url. The url should look like:

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Thanks for your reply.


I've tried setting the broadcast option to true and I expected the message to be posted as an announcement - it didn't.


Edit mode -

@Anonymous, this is a bug in our Yammer connector. I am able to reproduce the issue and have forward the details to the relevant team. This should be resolved in a future update of the Yammer connector.

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Thanks for that.


Any ideas on when? Or any suggestions on how do we find out?


We'd like to organize one of our internal processes around this functionality. Any recommendations on not doing so?

The team is working on fixing this on priority and will roll out the fix soon. I will update on this thread once the rollout is fixed. Thanks for your patience!

Seems that there is an issue if you add a group ID and Direct to ID as well




@Anonymous, you can now post announcements on Yammer. You would have to set the Broadcast field value to true and also provide a value for Title. Yammer can't post announcements without a title.

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@kartikraop thanks. That's great! However all of our flows are broken since 09/07 without any clear error message. I guess I'll have to contact Support.... unless you know anything that might have broken all flows?

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Flows are working fine now 🙂 @kartikraop but I don't seem to be able to post links in those announcements - they don't get formatted as links, but instead as plain text. Before, when we posted regular updates rather than announcements - the links did appear with the proper formatting.

@Anonymous, yes indeed links are posted as plain text in an announcement and as hyperlinks in regular posts. This appears to be a Yammer api quirk. Neverthless, I will forward the details to the connector team who own the integration with Yammer service for further investigation. I will share an update once I have one.

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Thanks @kartikraop.


It's strange as usually announcements allow you to insert a hyperlink when you post them in Yammer directly.

As a follow up to the original question, I am posting RSS feeds to Yammer but the links come out as plain html links. Is there a way to get those neat looking links such as the one shown below?


Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 11.46.17 AM.png

Right now what I get is this:


Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 11.47.42 AM.png


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Another observation, the formatting i.e., line breaks aren't being rendered the same in the Yammer post.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

I have a PowerApp with 3 selections, if 'Ask a Quesion' is selected, I would like the quesion asked within the PowerApp and saved to SharePoint to be moved into a Yammer group.  I see that there is a Flow to copy an item from SharePoint to Yammer.  However, I do no know how to write the condition to say only move an item to Yammer if the text = 'Ask a Question'.  if anyboday within this group has ideas, I sure would appreciate them.


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Hey I was wondering if anyone can cover my shift next Wednesday the 18th. Thanks!
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This is still an issue. Line breaks don't render with an announcement but do render for non-announcements.


Could this defect be prioritized?

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