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Power Query Dataflows trigger

Hey guys,


I am using Power Automate to trigger a refresh in a Power Query dataflow every 5 minutes. It worked fine; however, the flow did not show when the refresh failed. To improve my control, I added a trigger after the refresh action, "When a dataflow refresh completes," to retrieve the status after the update and let the flow know the result.


The dataflow failed today, and I can see this at Power BI Service; however, the information did not come back to Power Automate, and the flow was awaiting until I canceled it. To solve this, I add a parallel timer: if the flow waits more than 5 minutes, it will finish and send a failure message.


Have you experienced this situation? What have you done? What do you think about my solution?






Power Participant
Power Participant

A dataflow? Every five minutes? That's a red flag. 


Keep in mind that refresh requests are completely asynchronous.  They are only requests. You don't even get a requestid back (as you do with enhanced API dataset refreshes),


You need to run independent asynchronous flows to handle this.  One flow to request refreshes, another flow to be triggered by dataflow refresh completion. In the second flow you get the status back and can decide what to do in either scenario.


Note that a refresh request will be ignored if a refresh is currently in progress.


Note that you can monitor dataflow refreshes via Dataflows - Get Dataflow Transactions - REST API (Power BI Power BI REST APIs) | Microsoft Learn and can also attempt to cancel them.

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me.

This dataflow runs every 5 minutes because it ingests data from a real-time API with information about power generation and consumption in Brazil.


I will look at the documentation and make some modifications to my flow.


Thanks again!

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