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Helper II
Helper II

Problem with the format of date ( powerautomate & powerapps ) , i can't use my app on computers with different languages

Problem with the format of date ( powerapps & powerautomate) , i can't use my app on computers with different languages

I would like to inform you that there is a problem with the format of date. It works with some users while others are facing difficulties using it. I tested it many times to see whether it works properly. I tried with a user whose Windows is English as well as his Microsoft teams. For him the format of the date (month / day / year) works with no problems. However, when tested the format with those who have Ms teams and Windows in Slovakian language, I found out that it doesn't work. In the list sharepoint it gives the opposite i.e Day/month/ year. With the latter user, I changed Microsoft Teams into English and the format of the date has changed too. The application works properly. I wanted to test another user, trying the application on his computer who has Windows in Slovakian and we changed Microsoft teams in English, the format doesn't work either. 

If there are people who can sort out the problem, please let me know . But I couldn't figure out the cause of this problem.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Dates in SharePoint are stored in ISO 8610 format, which is an international standard. How users see these dates in SharePoint can vary based on their user profile settings, which they can specify by opening the Delve app or clicking on their profile picture and selecting My Office profile from the menu. The settings for specifying a date format are the second option in this section of the profile settings:


You will need to show what you are doing in your flow so people can get a better understanding of your problem in order to help you. 

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