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Publishing with Content Approval - item link issue with document minor version

Hi Community,


I am also trying to implement the Flow template "Page Publishing with Content Approval".

I am currently facing an issue with the "item link" generated by the "Start an approval" action.



- My document library has the Major and Minor version enabled

- My document library has the content approval enabled

- Who should see draft items in this document library: Only users who can approve items



When the approver receive the email and open the item link, he can only see the current approved Major version, not the pending Minor version, which is the whole purpose of the content approval.


I have setup the item link as follow:




The ApprovalLink is supposed to generate "A link to the item that needs approval" as stated on the microsoft doc in its output.

So even though my approver doesn't have the right to see the Minor version in the Document Library, he should be able to see the minor version via this ApprovalLink, right ?


When checking the ApprovalLink generated, it looks like it is customized to the approver (approver email in link is visible) with some long ID, which I believe, was created to enable a special access to the minor version of the file.


Please let me know how this worked for you, thanks!



Dual Super User III
Dual Super User III

You say "So even though my approver doesn't have the right to see the Minor version in the Document Library, he should be able to see the minor version via this ApprovalLink, right ?"


If your Approver doesn't have sufficient permission to see the minor version in the Document library then they will never see the minor version.  The link doesn't change.  Permissions change.  If you have permission to see the draft version then that is all you will see when you go to the file.  If you don't you will always see the major version.  Flow Approvals don't (and can't) change that.  Its built into the underlying system.  If you want your approvers to see the draft version then they need to have the right to see it. In other words, just like in the legacy publishing environment they need to be a member of the Approvers group or the equivalent.

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