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RSS -> Push - the same notifications over and over again.

Hello everyone.

Generally all my RSS->push (to mobile app) flows are working correctly.
I have a problem with one.
Can someone explain why I get about 5 to 10 the same push notifications from Loyaltylobby feed ( ?

Usually within 1 min.


Accepted Solutions

Sorry, I was on leave these several weeks.

The original issue have been addressed.  What is the issue you are still facing?

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Power Apps



can you share with the us the id of flow ??

When you open the flow for editing, the url should look like the following<xxx>


Thanks for the response.

Is this still happening ?

I am following up internally with the teams and to see if there was an issue.

Please stay tuned.


As for now the problem persists. And I have no idea why. Is it "flow engine" on MS , website with RSS or iOS app ?

Other RSS flows are not affected.

Since you are mentioning other RSS flows are not affected. The initial hunch is with the RSS itself or the RSS connector. The RSS connector has been engaged and debuging into this. The other issue could be with the RSS feed itself.

Thank you for your replay.

I  checked my activity carefully again and it looks like two more flows have triggered double notifications in the last 7 days.

I was also testing the same flows (recipes) with IFTTT. It is similar automated workflow solution to MS Flow (as you may know). And IFTTT has no problems with it. It always generates one push notification.

So definitely there is something wrong with checking RSS by Flow or with an iOS Flow app.

Maybe it is something with intervals between RSS checking.

Hi jjflow, thanks for reporting this issue. We have identified a bug in the RSS connector and it is getting fixed. This should be deployed soon.


Great. Thank you.

I will make this problem as solved once I check the flow next week.

Thanks for reporting the issue!  This is currently in testing internally, but the weekend caught up before we can complete this.  The fix will likely get rolled out next week after 7/4.


We had an incident over the weekend that corrupted the state for some of the flows/connectors.  RSS is one of them -- and we are rolling out a hotfix to address that.  Meanwhile, could you edit these flow and save them again?  For instance, adding/removing a trailing "/" in the URL.  That should force a reset of the state and things should work fine.




Re-editing flows doesn't fix it.

It looks like there is a problem with RSS links that have "symbols" like '=' '?' '&'.

Flows with a simple path ie.: or are not affected.

In my case, I get notifications from instead of


Any news ?
The problems with mentioned flows are still there.

I just created incident log #20353988 to track this issue.


CC @SameerCh

We are looking into this.

We found the root cause of the issue for your flows.  This was different from the issue we had earlier.  We have a fix in progress and testing it internally.  We will deploy the fix once we verify it.  Once we deploy it, we may still have to ask you to edit the flow again (but we are trying to see if we can make it work without that), we will let you know.


Thanks for reporting the issue and appreciate your patience here!


Well, I checked 2 days ago and there is still one big problem with these flows.
It is strange, because in the begining (June) it worked without any issues.

So it looks like the problem has been abandoned.

Should I close this thread and look for help somewhere else ?

Sorry, I was on leave these several weeks.

The original issue have been addressed.  What is the issue you are still facing?

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