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Resubmitting hung flows with RUNNING status

New to Power Automate and have got one flow running well to save Outlook email attachments to customer-based folders on Sharepoint. This worked smoothly on initial trials within 2-3 seconds each. However submitting 1000+ emails today in several large blocks to trigger automatic filing of this year's document history only about 90% ran successfully. I


t's not that the 10% actually fail, they just show as "running" and I don't think will complete as now 3-4 hours later. They can be resubmitted from the Running list or Cancelled (to clear the running status) then resubmitted individually from the Cancelled list and the same flow then always runs no problem, so I don't think it is that I have hit a daily API call limit. 


I can do this one-by-one but struggling to believe there is not an easier and more structured way to handle them, as it's painstakingly slow process. 


The "My Flows" status screen does allows filtering by "Succesful" or "Failed" or "Cancelled" but doesn't clear from the "Running" list even if resubmitted, so to be able to fix dozens/hundreds then seems as though I have to cancel them all one-by-one, then resubmit one-by-one.


To make it worse the status screen doesn't show any message ID per line and to get the meaningful document number involved I have to drill into each flow.  Or sort in a Sharepoint search to spot all the missing document nos and resubmit the email triggers one-by-one.


Running/cancelled flows only have the submission time to go on from the status screen but 10+ left "running" submitted within same 1 minute period in some cases, so having to count up/down these lists to cancel then resubmit the 6th one that failed at 13:28, for example. They're spread over numerous screens though and the download to CSV is too complex to be of much help. 


Obviously I can email new documents for filing in smaller groups now aware of this level of random problem rate but all very frustrating and not as polished as expected. Really surprised there is not the ability to cancel or resubmit multiple items to at least report on and deal with a problem group efficiently. At the moment it's creating more and slower work checking and correcting it's results, as opposed to smoothly automating it!


Does anyone have any advice or solutions, am I missing something obvious?


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