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New Member

Send whatsapp message using Power Automate using Twilio

I am trying to send a Whatsapp message using Twilio. I followed the 

But getting an error "'To' phone number is required.."

I am not able to find any document or article on internet.

Please help me here.

I am ready to use any Whatsapp connector instant of Twilio 


Super User
Super User

Hi @Yogesh_0051,


I have used this approach earlier and haven't seen this error before. The error suggest that the To key value is missing in your request.


Does it look like Kent his screenshot below? Have you added the phone number (which should start with whatsapp:+ ) to the body of your request and url encoded it? Did you also use the application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content-Type header?



Happy to help out! 🙂

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New Member

Yes i did the same,

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I used existing Power Automate Twillio SMS connector to send WA messages. was looking for various options with no luck. But found existing can be used for SMS and WA. Trick is add identifier before number. Just adding whatsapp: before number will send message through WA. 


Hi @Expiscornovus 


I am trying to send whatsapp message once sharepoint list item created.

Connector : Twilio

I have added dynamic "To & From"  numbers in HTTP Body




I am getting following error missing + before From Number


Request you help to resolve this issue.


Thanks & Regards

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