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Simple flow works but getting HTTP Error 502.3 - Bad Gateway exceptions as well

I have a very simple flow that I created for a SharePoint list whereby if a new item is added to the list I want it to send me an email. 


The flow steps read as follows: 

  1. When a new item is created
  2. Get my profile
  3. Send Email

For step 1 I've simply added the Site URL and then selected the List Name (Students) from the extracted lists. No filters or additional logic added. 

Step 2 uses my personal profile (I'm not sure if this is best practice or not). Perhaps I'm misunderstanding and it actually gets the user's profile who is currently adding the list item? 

Step 3 - I've composed the email with the following details:

Note: I've used square brackets to denote tokens with the following parameters [Source: Property]


To [Profile:Email]

Subject: New student, [List: Full name] added to SharePoint

Hi [Profile: Given name], 


A new student was added at [List: created] by [List: Created by DisplayName]. 



Student: [List: Full name]

Birth date: [List: Date of birth]

Starting date: [List: Date Started]

Age: [List: Age]


Kind regards,

SharePoint Site


When I test this I receive the emails, but when I look at the "Flow runs for New Student Flow" I see three Succeeded and three Failed runs which matches the exact number of test students I've added. 


Note: I received all 6 emails. 


Looking at the failed reports the problem is indicated as being in the first step (or at least that's where the red exclamation is). 

If I expand the first item I get: 


Site URL: ****** (appears correct)

List name: Students (appears correct)




{ "Cache-Control": "private", "Date": "Mon, 22 Aug 2016 12:24:17 GMT", "Server": "Microsoft-IIS/8.0,Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0", "Content-Length": "4963", "Content-Type": "text/html; charset=utf-8" }


(And this is where the exception becomes evident)

HTTP Error 502.3 - Bad Gateway The connection with the server was terminated abnormally


Detailed Error Information:

Module Notification Handler Error Code
Requested URL Physical Path Logon Method Logon User*****/tables/*****/onnewitems?triggerstate=5

Anyone know what this indicates or how to fix it? I don't know how much simpler I can make the Flow. 


Not applicable



I would like to second that.

I also have a simple flow that sends an (approval) e-mail when a SharePoint item is created and I have the same result.

The e-mail is sent correctly but the flow shows an error in the Activity tab on the "When a new item is created" step.


HTTP Error 502.3 - Bad Gateway: The connection with the server was terminated abnormally


Most likely causes: The CGI application did not return a valid set of HTTP errors. A server acting as a proxy or gateway was unable to process the request due to an error in a parent gateway.


More Information: This error occurs when a CGI application does not return a valid set of HTTP headers, or when a proxy or gateway was unable to send the request to a parent gateway. You may need to get a network trace or contact the proxy server administrator, if it is not a CGI problem.


Kind regards,




Hi Jacques,


Could you send me the flow url which is like this: so I can further investigate.



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