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The expression is not valid for switch

I have a flow with a simple switch condition.   It gets the value from the SharePoint list item and then sends email to specific people based on the Switch input.


It's failing on the switch condition.    In this case the switch value is Payroll/Timekeeping System.   I tried copying the expression result from the error (both Payroll/Timekeeping System and "Payroll/Timekeeping System") and pasting it into the switch case and testing and it still failed.   I am not sure what else to do.   The column that contains the data for this dynamic input is a choice column.


The expression " eq Payroll/Timekeeping System" is not valid. Creating query failed.
clientRequestId: 4db5410e-2bee-4ef2-9845-6c509999eb14
serviceRequestId: 4db5410e-2bee-4ef2-9845-6c509999eb14


Here is the setup, I initialize and set a variable to the value of the choice column.







Here is the error.





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Community Champion

Hi @JR-BejeweledOne 


The Switch will check each case, but it will compare with the string in the field. You can't make comparisons there since the comparison is made for you.


I would do the following. In the run, check what value is in the "Category Value" from SharePoint. There you can check the real value that is there and copy that value to your "Case." Then you're sure that the value you're comparing is the same that is provided.


Can you please check if and let me know if you have any questions?



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That is exactly what I did, if you read my post again.


Also you can see in the screenshots.   In the failed workflow, I copied the Input from the failed action and pasted that into the switch case.  It failed.   I went back and went to the raw input and copied that value and pasted it into the switch case and that failed as well.


I can see from the Input and Raw input that the value in the switch case and the incoming value match.    So I have no idea why it's failing, unless it has something to do with the fact that the value it's failing on has an '/' in it.

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