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Trigger a Flow based on a particular response in a Form

I have started using Microsoft Forms, and I am loving it. Any way, I created a form with 12 questions, each with the the standard "Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree" responses. I want to set up a Flow where if someone selects 'Strongly Disagree' on questions, it will send an email to someone else with this information. How can I accomplish this? Thanks!

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Super User III

So if there are multiple responses of Strongly Disagree for a single survey, do you want one email for all of those responses or separate emails.


Let me know and I'll build an example.



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I was thinking all of negative responses in a single email.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ mlbussey,


If you would like to send an email for all of those responses which is equal to 'Strongly Disagree',

Please refer to screenshot below to create the flow:


The expression behind the "question1:"as below:

if(equals(body('Get_response_details')?['r474fa42df6f44eb7a84841732606b81a'],'Strongly Disagree'),body('Get_response_details')?['r474fa42df6f44eb7a84841732606b81a'],' ')
The  body('Get_response_details')?['r474fa42df6f44eb7a84841732606b81a'] represent of the "question1" dynamic content of get response details.
The expression behind the "question2:"as below:
if(equals(body('Get_response_details')?['rdfcfa345f0944e4e806b390fbaf76676'],'Strongly Disagree'),body('Get_response_details')?['rdfcfa345f0944e4e806b390fbaf76676'],' ')


The body('Get_response_details')?['rdfcfa345f0944e4e806b390fbaf76676'] represent of the "question2" dynamic content of get response details.


You could refer to link below to learn more about the workflow definition language:


When a response is submited, the flow would run successfully as below:




Alice Zhang

Hello, @mlbussey!


Have you had a chance to apply @v-yuazh-msft‘s recommendation to adapt your Flow? If yes, and you find that solution to be satisfactory, please go ahead and click “Accept as Solution” so that this thread will be marked for other users to easily identify!



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