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Triggering flow when a new item is created within an expiration window

I've created a flow that triggers an email notification to specific users when an item in a SharePoint list is 90 away from expiration. Email is sent every week until the new expiration date is updated. 


My issue is when a new item is created in the list with a date within the 90 day expiration window, the flow is not triggered and no email is send. 


How can I get the flow to trigger when the item is within the expiration window?


This is the expression:



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Hi @Mwhite 


As your flow is recurring so it will not trigger on a new item creation. What you need is a flow that triggers when a new item created and do a similar task what your recurring flow is doing.


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I used the "When an item is created or modified" flow and put the rest of components in the flow and run it by entering a test item into the list but I did not receive any email (the email step did not run).  


Is this the correct start?

Do I use the "Get Item" function for the second step?



Hi @Mwhite 


The reason email action not executing because you might not be getting any results after applying a filter in the "Get Items" action.
I believe you are checking if Expiration Date is equals to formatDateTime(addDays(utcNow(),90),'yyyy-MM-dd')
Key Point to notice:
when we use the utcNow time zone, it gives you return date in UTC time zone, not in your local time zone, so for an example, if I use utcNOW() now at 11:00 PM, I will get 2/20/2020, though my current date is 2/19/2020 (CST), because CST 6 hours behind UTC. So the best practice is to use
convertFromUtc() expression to get the correct date.
You should use expression like this(change Center Standard Time to your specific time zone:
convertFromUtc(addDays(utcNow(),90),'Central Standard Time','yyyy-MM-dd')


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