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Twitter Posts & Status 429

Hey Powerusers,


I've been running an MS flow for about the past 2 months, posting anywhere between 1 to 10 tweets a day. Recently, as of Oct 22nd, I'm beginning to see these flows fail. The body response and status code are as follows:


  "status": 429,
  "message": "This operation is rate limited by Twitter. Follow Twitter guidelines as given here:\r\nclientRequestId: dd21f737-b2ef-4819-89a5-1c45e8ddf855\r\nserviceRequestId: 8c38789158d886e033111b0c63d5f1e6;243256cb86dbefa9c4841312b919076a",
  "source": ""


I've done research on the Twitter API regarding rate limits on posts, and I cannot find anything specific related to MS Flow, or its rate limit time interval. The closest I found was this: and where a Twitter Staff member mentions that its 2,400 tweets per day, broken down into 15 minute intervals. 


We're coming nowhere near close to this limit, at best we post 2 tweets every 15 minutes but its usually 1 an hour. 


Could this be an issue related specifically to the MS Flow Twitter connector? Why suddenly are we running into this issue after several months of this working in production?


Thanks in advance for your help,







This may also be my problem and would explain the inconsistency I've seen in testing. Perhaps @Pieter_Veenstra can clarify on the limitations of the twitter connector, specifically:


  1. Maximum number of connections per user: 2


Does this mean that there is only an allowed maximum number of 2 MS Flow Twitter connections, or  2 connections on an individual users twitter account overall, regardless of where those connections come from? I'll explain my connection scenario below:


We have an individual MS Flow connector connected to a Twitter account. We also have two analysts who tweet to this account, but are not connected to it through MS Flow, they're just logged in directly via the twitter website. So it is possible, at times, that there are 3 unique individuals (analyst1, analyst2, and MS Flow connector) posting tweets.


Would this mean that there are actually 3 connections on our single twitter account, and that we are hitting this conneciton limit?


Thanks for clarifying,


Note*: Now that I think of it, this does not explain why I could not tweet in my development account. It is only myself and my MS flow connector connected to that twitter account at any given time, so we would not exceed that connector limit.  



I had one connection which was logged into the web site directly and a crashed season from the previous day (likely to to used by Flow). Removing the crashed season allowed flow to send the tweet

@claudiosvcc - just adding you to the thread here as you've been so helpful with issues like this in the past. If you've got the time to check on this for us, it would be much appreciated. 

So in my enviroment, I setup the connection between Twitter and Flow using the same account details as I log into Twitter directly through a web browser.


With the issue this morning, this meant one distinct user had two active connection and when I tried to post a tweet the error occured until I removed one of the connection through the twitter website. 


In your scenario you could have upto 6 connections if each user has unique login details 


Details can be found in the help document below


Maximum number of connections per user: 2

Just to confirm - does this mean that you had to log out of the the website to reduce your active connection count?




I had to go to apps and devices on the twitter website and used the logout button, that reduced the number of logins, then flow worked

Our production twitter account had about 50 devices logged in, I've logged out all of these devices and told my team to start using MS flow again to post tweets.


In addition to these connections, there's about 15 other applicatons that my team has allowed access to this twitter account over time. If problems still continue with rate limiting, I'll begin eliminating unused applications.


I'll update here when I know the behaviour we're seeing.



Thanks everyone for your help so far.

  • I closed out all of our open sessions via the Twitter Website: Apps and Sessions page
  • I removed all of the Apps except Microsoft PowerApps and Flow plust one other via the Twitter Website: Apps and Sessions page
  • From the Microsoft Flow > Connections > Twitter > Details > Switch Account > I logged in again

I am still getting the 429 Response on the Twitter / Send Tweet action

I have only one login, am WAY below the individual quota, and still get a majority of Failed runs indicating exceeding quota.  Sometimes I get several runs that succeed, then a wave of runs that fail with the same 429 quota message.


This is new behavior after 9 months for the same flow, starting last week.  Coincidentally, Twitter implemented new quota limits last week.  


Is it possible that the limit is being applied to all users' flows, not just mine?  The reason I ask, I have the most Status Succeeded over night, the most Failed during the day, with the same number of runs over 24 hours.


I had my team run a tweet through MS flow after removing all connections in twitter. This is the first tweet we've attempted to pass through twitter in about 20 hours, it failed on the first try.


  "status": 429,
  "message": "This operation is rate limited by Twitter. Follow Twitter guidelines as given here:\r\nclientRequestId: 555d2fc1-bd86-4090-ac0b-1618ad1f6ca9\r\nserviceRequestId: d2da734aba135f23afc0727fa96b0251;0160ccd8ce321846af0fb14486894dc5",
  "source": ""

So this means, at most, 2 connections were made on the twitter account. MS flow and my analyst.


I do not think that we're hitting a connections rate limit, it must be something else.

Can anyone on the product team help us out with some insight here? 

I have the same issue. Tried with 2 different Twitter accounts. Signed out of all divices and other connectors services.

Still it shows 

  "message""This operation is rate limited by Twitter. Follow Twitter guidelines as given here:\r\nclientRequestId: 24ccebfe-211b-45e8-9ccc-a5df17624840\r\nserviceRequestId: c3237dde17d3120692fe7bbdeeef6793",


I also set the retry policy to none in the settings of "Posting a Tweet" action.


Product team please have a look what is going on.

Try on Friday with same error message 429, Try this morning and it was fine. Posted a tweet on the Microsoft Flow feed on Friday. Seems to be an intermittent issue. Most probably a service issues and as with all cloud services will be resolved in time. 

Monday 5-Nov - still failing on first tweet of the day: "This operation is rate limited by Twitter..."


This is the third week of the 429 errors, starting at the same time as this announcement:


I do not see this resolving itself.  Does anyone know how to get MSFlow support attention on this?


How is this issue not being communicated out to users? I was just testing the functionality for a client today and was hitting the 429 error. This was one of the features that the client needed when thinking about Google vs Microsoft. Has anyone opened an official ticket?

I've opened a ticket with Twitter, as I wonder if there is somethign within the twitter side blocking us.


Looking at the rate limit documentation I wonder if the Flow urls have been balck listed:



No failures so far today, for the first time in 3 weeks.  I have to assume something was fixed.  I will update again if that status changes.


If someone did something that helped - Thanks!


Since yesterday PM, I've had 4 successful runs of this action too.  Hoping this issue is resolved.

Same here, everything is working fine. 

I wonder what happened?

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